Monday, June 23, 2008

Knowing is Half the Battle

Here are the much anticipated answers to my little quiz....because I know you are all dying to know.


My favorite color is brown. This surprises most people. I usually hear, "out of all the colors in the world you pick BROWN?" This is usually said incredulously. I have loved brown for about 10 years now. To me it looks like's natural...earthy...and it's the same color as chocolate. Can't go wrong there. My master bedroom is painted entirely in chocolate brown. Yummy......

I have 3 siblings. Two sisters and one brother. I'm stuck in the middle....maybe that's why I like that song so much! :0)

I have had several nicknames in my lifetime. I did a post about this at one point. However, the nickname that I have been called for almost my entire life is Smash. This was bestowed upon me by my older sister, who I lovingly refer to as "Smelly". Good times.

My biggest pet peeve....this one messed up most of you. Except for that first one about the toilet seat being left up, all the other answers were some of my pet peeves. I hate a kitchen full of open cupboards. I had a roommate once who left ALL of them open ALL of the time. It drove me crazy. I also have a hard time having people touch my feet. Not so much that I can't have a pedicure though. My biggest pet peeve however, is people's lack of respect for my time. My life is just as busy as everyone else's. So, don't waste my time! And now you know...

My major in college is psychology. I plan on being a child and family counselor. I've always wanted to do this {well, at least since I went to college the first time around}. Now, I'm hoping I actually make it through and finish up.

Sadly, I have moved 27 times in my life. I's a lot. I hope to keep the number under 30 as I live out the rest of my life because....Holy Cow!

And, um....duh! Girls Night is my favorite day of the month! The second Thursday of every month is when I run away with my girls and party down. I'm a die hard and have only missed one night in 2 1/2 years. If there is something else going on, it takes a back seat to MY night. And I'm not kidding either. :0)

People....I cannot live without sugar. I will die. Ok, maybe not literally....but my body will go through some serious withdrawals! Remember? I tried? And what happened? I made it two days and ended up eating almost an entire container of Lofthouse cookies. Not good.

Medical terminology...though I do talk to myself...I'm not schizophrenic. And though my son thinks I'm crazy...I'm really no psychopathic. As indicated here, here, and even here....I am a classic case of obsessive compulsive disorder. And can I tell you how frustrating it can be? Sigh.

My favorite food? Italian ALL. THE. WAY. I loves me some pasta. It makes me happy.

Do you all feel well informed now? I'm so glad!
Also, it looks like there were two people that got 9 out of 10 answers correct! I'm impressed ladies! Happy prizes will be coming your way very shortly! And to everyone else...thanks for playing!

One more thing....

I've been blogging for a long time now, but it wasn't until yesterday that I got my first blogging award. I'm a seriously glowing....beaming really. Somebody loves me that much!

See? TravelinOma gave this to me. She said my blog warms her heart. :0) I'm so glad too! There is a story behind this award though. Memoirs of a Mommy is a blog by Noah's mom.

"Born with a heart defect, he was blessed with a heart transplant when he was an infant. Someone gave Noah a new heart. And someone else's mom had a broken heart. Noah's mom created it to celebrate the first anniversary of his transplant and it's going around the Internet to raise awareness of organ donation."

Though he was much older than Noah, my grandfather is alive and kicking today because of a liver transplant. He was the recipient of an organ donated by someone who had enough heart to share a piece of themselves with someone else. For this, my family will always be truly grateful. My grandfather is an amazing man. :0)

Happy blogging!


Sister Honey Bunch said...

I got quite a few right, Smash.

Holly said...

I got Jaysen mixed up with you when I picked your favorite food being Mexican. I learned a lot about you:)

Bridget said...

Girls night out is definitely a sacred night. Good for you for having such great attendance!

Kellan said...

I got a lot of your answers right - I'm a good guesser, I guess!

Congrats on the award - that's a nice one!!

Have a good Tuesday - see you - Kellan said...

hi ashlee -- really fun to read more about cha.

and guess what? i am EXACTLY like you about the kitchen cabinet thing. it doesn't matter how messy the front rooms are, but if anyone dare leaves a cabinet open, it drives me BONKERS until either they or i close it. hahaha. i so get you on this. i thought i was the only one. wild.

and come over to my bloggy and look at the top of the page "my awards" and grab the "you make me smile" happy face award. you rock. you always leave me warm fuzzy comments. totally love it when you come by. thank you, kathleen

~Virginia~ said...

i love brown, too! especially with teal.

and happy belated birthday! hope you had a great one! :)

Kellan said...

Hi Ashlee - thanks for coming by today. Have a good afternoon - Kellan

Sister Sassy said...

I do like brown a lot myself.

I got my bachelors in psychology and dual majored in Family Studies. My family studies profs were far LESS crazy than the psych ones. Go ASH!

27 times makes me want to cry. Jim and I have been married for almost 11 years and I think we've moved 11 times. I plan on one more move and then its over.

Sister Sassy said...

Jim wants to know if you're in the witness protection program. But he said you couldn't tell me or you'd have to kill me.

He says "wink once for yes, twice for no"

And why am I mainlining Ashlee in my dreams? huh? I'm serious, you are the lost one. SO it was foretold in the great lore of the Sister Family, there would be one that would come among us and join us and she would have long blond hair and like things really clean. ;) well, it didn't say that exactly.

Montay said...

WoooHoo I can not to see the fun prizes love that!!! and Smash Ashlee you silly girl we love ya awards or not!!

Jane the Sane said...

I want to paint my office chocolate brown! I think I have the choice of off white or offer white. Ho hum. Loved your quiz, though I didn't do so well. My mom, who is by all accounts a bit crazy, would go INSANE if the cupboards weren't closed. So much so that when my sister teeters towards crazy she goes into the kitchen and opens ALL the cupboards to prove to herself that she isn't quite as crazy as mom.