Monday, September 29, 2008

This is a meme that has been passed around, so now it is MY turn to fill you in on all the dirty little secrets about the ready for this? {seriuosly, my Ambien has kicked in and I al losing a bit of my normal functioning as my body would like to go to sleep.} But NO, I must blog! I must share love with all of my "devoted" readers. Because I know that what I writie about is to good to pass up, right? :)

" All about your spouse"

1. What's his name?Jaysen
2. How long have you been together? We met October 9th five years ago, and got married May 22. So, in essence we met October 9, 2003.
3. How long did you date? 8 months
4. Who eats more?Usually me. food is good.
5. Who said 'I love you,' first? It is one of my favorite memories. We were sitting together on his couch and he was acting really wierd while were were talking and he said {very quietly} I think "I'm in love with you. But I don't know how you feel about me." It was very sweet. Poor guy. I of course came to his rescue and gave his answer, but he said it out loud FIRST.
6.Who is taller? Him
7. Who is the better singer? Me. I'm just glad that he tries sometimes. :0)
8. Who is smarter?Book smart? Street Smart? I need a better defenition on this one. I don't think that one of us is smarter than the other as a whole. He know so many things that I don't, and it goes the other way. I just like to think that our combined smarts work well in getting us from point A to point B. You know?
9. Who does the laundry? Me. He is not allowed. Unless it's just towels. I have a process and he messes it up. And honestly, he doesn't fold the towels right. Sigh.
10. Who does the dishes? Mostly me, but he chips in when I need an extra hand.
11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? WHo's right? Mine or yours? :0) JUST KIDDING! I sleep on the right side of the bed.
12. Who pays the bills? Me
13. Who mows the lawn?He does.
14. Who cooks dinner? Mostly me, but he is the breakfast man.
15. Who drives when you are together?Jaysen
16. Who is more stubborn?Probably me, though he can get pretty stubborn at times too. :0)
17. Who kissed who first?He kissed me first.
18. Who asked out who?Well, I'm assuming that since I didn't ask him out, then he asked me out. It was a blind date, so maybe he didn't ask me out either and we were just told to show up together at a restaurant with the matchmakers. SO, perhaps the matchmakers asked us both out. You think?
19. Who proposed?He did.
20. Who is more sensitive?Me
21. Who has more friends?He does.
22. Who likes sports more?Him
23. Who watches more t.v.?Him
24. Who dresses the most fashionable? I think it would depend on your sense of fashion. :0)
25. Who is the funniest? Again, a definition would be helpful, because Jaysen's sense of humor is....well.....different. I laugh A LOT. But too many people just don't get it. But I don't find my self to be super funny either. So, we may just have to call this one a draw. We are one buh unfunny couple. Oh well!

Know you know about me and the a certain extent...delving further into our relationship may scar you for life. :0) We have good times in this house. Two cutie Patootie kids and enough sass that we could bottle it all sell it and become millionaires. :0)

Maybe then we could save the economy, because nobody else seems to know what the hell we're supposed to do.

Go team!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

As many of my devoted readers know....{mostly because you come to Girls Night}, the 2nd Thursday of every month is Girls Night. A night away from hubbies and kids to play and chat and nibble on yummy treats. I formed this group after my daughter was born. She had really bad reflux and cried nonstop. The hubby kept telling me to get out of the house for a breather, but I didn't have anywhere to go. {shopping costs money...dangit!} Thus began my monthly retreats into sanity-land. It began in February of 2006 and though the people have come and has been one of the best ways I have had to form amazing friendships.

Here's the thing though....after 2 1/2 years {almost} of doing this, my creativity is beginning to get tapped out. Trying to figure out something to do every month for a group of ladies with different types of personalities that will be wicked awesome fun is getting harder and harder. I have some great ideas, but know that many would not be too keen on participating. :0) I can get a little crazy, but I know not everyone is comfortable with looking silly in public. {Though I was pleasantly surprised at their willingness to let loose last month during the photo scavenger hunt} So, I am turn to you, my interpeeps. Any great ideas? I still have a few left up my sleeve, and I gave my ladies an ultimatum several months back and forced them to cough up a few ideas of their own. :0) But those too, will run out in time.

What have we done so far you ask? Let me share...

Bunco, baby shower, pedicure night, photo scavenger hunt, unbirthday party, game night, going to the movies, death by chocolate, Christmas craft exchange, scrapbooking, craft night, going out to dinner, painting pottery, and going out for dessert. {notice food is involved most of the time}

We try not to spend too much money so that it doesn't get out of hand, though sometimes it is unavoidable. I am dying to have an 80s night at the roller skating rink....but several people have already nixed that idea. {wouldn't it be fun to dress up in 80s clothes, which is now highly available in most stores...} I've thought about doing a bit of Crazy bowling, which involves making each frame a challenge. For example, bowling in slow motion, backwards, sitting down, eyes get the idea. But again...pretty sure it's not gonna happen.

So, my readers...fill me in with all of your fabulous ideas! Give a girl a hand. And then go start a group of your own! We have so much fun and enjoy our monthly break from the daily humdrum. But my girls night more hair dying! It has been officially taken off the table as possible options. Kapish?

I'll be waiting for your ideas.......

Still waiting!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Uppercase Living

I am in love.

Don't tell my husband. :0)

Long story here.....

One of the blog's I frequent had a post about this fabulous "home party" that she was selling products for. The company is called Uppercase Living and after looking at the photos of what they had to offer, I was sold. COMPLETELY. So, I sent a note to the consultant and told her I wanted to throw a party. But, see.....I'm not the most patient person. And, I found out that a friend of mine was selling the stuff here.....where I live.....

So, I caved and had my friend here do it. {Sorry Katie! You still love me?}

I may have to take out a loan to pay for all of the products that I want. Take a peek.

This one will go in my guest bath upstairs. There is another one that says "Wash your said so" that I am going to put in the kids bathroom downstairs. :0)
This one I am going to put on the wall by my stairwell that I have been frustrated with what I should put there. Pretty huh?
This is why I love this company. It's not just words and fonts and's phrases and shapes and "whoop-do-do's". It's the WHOLE package. And I don't have to think or be creative because they do it for me.
Isn't this adorable? I have so many Christmas gifts now completely taken care of!
They have girl stuff....and boy stuff....holy cow. I'm like a kid in a candy store. I want IT ALL! :0)
How about you? You interested?
I thought so. :0)
Go here and you can look through the ENTIRE catalog. And...ummm....Sara is totally set up to take Visa. Not that you would need to use yours or anything.....
Her email address is on her can just email your order to her.
And because you love me so much....could you put my name in the email? I love free stuff....and I would totally get some that way. :0) Oh....and I love you too. :0)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Big Book of Boy Stuff

I found this book in Costco last week and knew I needed to get it for my son for Christmas. {Yes, I realize we haven't even had Halloween yet, but this mama gets started WAY early on her shopping.}

Anyway...I was flipping through some of the pages the other night and came across this little tidbit of information:

Fun Snot Facts

For a time, there was a delicious candy on the market called Snot Candy. It came in a big plastic nose. To get the gooey candy out, you had to stick a finger up the container's nostril. Of course, Snot Candy had a mascot: everyone's favorite superhero, Loogie Man!

There is an Eskimo tribe that has a unique solution to a baby's stuffed nose. The mother sucks the snot out of the baby's nose and then spits it on the ground!

We all know what diarrhea is, but did you know you can have the same problem from your nose? "Rhinorrhea" {ri-no-ree-uh} is the word used to describe a lot of really runny mucus coming out of your nose.

Now you know....
and knowing is half the battle. Aren't you glad I shared?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girls Weekend

We had another girls scrapping weekend at my mom's house this last week and had so much fun. My two sisters, my mom, my neice, and I were able to get together to scrap till we dropped for three days and we had so much fun. {Holly....we missed you! But we hope you had a great weekend with Cam!} I got oodles of pages done and had a great time chatting and laughing with my sisters and mom. This was the first time my neice was able to come, and it was fun to have some young blood around. She couldn't handle the constant scrapping and so she took several tv breaks in between pages. :0) It will be a while before we all are able to get together again to do this, but I'm hoping it won't be that long before I get to scrap again. My scrap room is almost ready for me to break it in....I can't wait!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Last night was crazy fun ladies! Thank you so much for being so willing to be a little adventurous. :0)

As many of you know, I have a monthly girls night group. This month I was in charge and we did a photo scavenger hunt. Not like your typical hunt though. The rules were a bit different. We were split into two groups and each group was given the same categories. All of the members of the group had to be included in the photo except for the one taking the picture and the photographer had to be different for each photograph {that way there would be pictures of everyone in the group at some point}. The categories were vague and up for interpretation, and everyone was told to just be as creative as possible.

What were the categories you ask?

Sharing is Caring

Happy Birthday to you


These are "piggies" :0)


Splish Splash

Music Interpretation



One of these things is not like the other

Do you know your shapes?

Where's Waldo?

An unusual perspective

That's fierce

And then...find a stranger to take your picture and then convince them to pose in a picture with you.

I think everyone did a fabulous job and it was so fun to go and play. It felt like I was in college again. :0) Even more so when after most everyone left and it was 10:45 and the four us left decided to make a run for hair dye. got a little crazy. Montay has never dyed her hair before. NEVER! {feigning shock} So, we got her a Cinnamony color to put on over her brown. Amy had Tess put in blonde highlights. I was going to darken my brown, but because it was later than I was used to for having to think....instead of mixing the activator with the color....I put the conditioner in the activator bottle. my hair is really conditioned now after leaving it in for 25 minutes...but there is no color. Dumb girl. After everyone was almost done....Tess decided to use what was left of Montay's red color and have Montay highlight her hair with it using foil instead of the cap. It was a crazy night people! Montay looks so super sassy hot with her new auburn color. I'm loving it! Amy still looks like Amy...because she's been blonder before. :0) But Amy is that means she is still cute. Tess was no so happy with her outcome as her highlights ended up being more burgundy than red. Thankfully, it was the same kind that I used last month and it will wash out in 28 days. It looks fun and sassy, but I know when it is your hair, it doesn't seem as fun. :0) was another eventful evening for girls night. I live for this night every month. It is my reprieve from being an "old" mom.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fringe....for the geek in all of us

Did you watch this show? It was SO good. I am going to be glued to my tv set Tuesday nights from now on. If any of you were a fan of the X-files...this show will be right up your alley. Yes, my name is Ashlee, and I was an X-files geek. :0) Not that I really believe that aliens come and abduct people and what not, it was just something different and interesting. You know? And now....they have blessed us with 'Fringe' to feed our fascination with all things wierd. :0)

This show doesn't have to do with aliens. It has to do with psuedoscience {sp?}. You know, like teleportation, mind reading, black matter, etc. Wierd science stuff that can't possibly be real....or can it? :0) The show is about a scientist who has found ways in which these theories can become actualities. Unfortunately, there is a "bad guy" who has the knowledge of these things as well and is using them as part of something "bigger" and more sinister.

The main character is a female {ROCK ON!} and she is attempting to find out "the truth". :0) Plus....Joshua Jackson is in the show too...and he is definitely yummy. :0)

So, check it out. Let me know what you think! The show airs on Fox and they are doing an encore presentation of this first episode on Sunday.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

OK latest assignment has to do with modern challenges in immigration. The questions I am being asked are rather thought provoking so I thought I would pose them to you as well. :0)

Should US Government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants?

Should {citizenship}preference be given to the neediest applicants? The most talented? The most oppressed? The richest?

Should applicants from certain countries be given priority?

What do you think? Would you want to immigrate to the United States? If so, how come? You can go here to learn about the process that immigrants have to go through to become a US Citizen. It's quite the process.

Let me know what you think! :0)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Five Senses Meme

Bonnie came up with this one and I thought it was cute and different. And since she tagged everyone, that does include me. So, here we go!

1. Sight - My kids getting along. They are almost 6 years apart in age, and though they love each other fiercely, they fight A LOT. My 8 year old is a bully to his little sister because he's bigger than her, and my 2 year old is a pest to her older brother because she loves to push his buttons. Sigh. BUT! Every now and again they click and I love nothing more than to see them playing together so nicely. It is a nice reprieve. :0)

2. Smell - I am a freak about smells. In fact, if something smells bad I will hold my breath until I can get back into a "safe zone". I don't want to inhale the stink. Weird huh? Oh well. Anyway, so it makes it hard for me to pick just ONE favorite smell. I love the smell of baking bread, and my hubby's cologne, my kids freshly shampooed heads, dryer sheets, and lavendar.

3. Sound - This is another hard sound to narrow down to one choice. But, as most of you already know, I LOVE music. So, I'll just go with that whole generic category for my choice of favorite sound. I normally have music playing non-stop at home. I think I would go crazy without it. :0) I also love to hear my kids singing along to the songs. Nothing better. :0)

4. Taste - These categories are so hard to narrow down! Holy cow! This one, though, I think I would have to say chocolate. :0) But not just any chocolate. The darker the better. I love the taste of dark chocolate....the I prefer mine frozen. There is nothing better than biting into a bar of frozen dark chocolate. I'm not kidding should try it. :0)

5. Touch - Oddly enough, I am not a touchy feely person. I like my space and tend to feel a bit claustrophobic when even my kids get too cuddly. Sad, huh? But, my even so, my favorite thing to touch would have to be the faces of my kids. I love to hold their little heads in my arms and play with their hair, or stroke their cheeks, or tickle them under their chins. Those are some of my favorite moments. :0)

So, now that you have the general idea of how to play....get on with it! I tag all of you that wish to play. Thanks. Bonnie, for the great idea of this one. It was fun and yet oddly hard to think of my favorites for each of my senses. I look forward to seeing what the rest of you have for answers.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm putting in my angry eyes!

Did any of you read this? I am livid! Livid I tell you! Because one person decided to be dishonest in their dealings with their fellow man, the rest of us will suffer. Isn't that how it usually works? Sigh.

The book I just told you all to go read Chapter 1 of....has been indefinitely postponed. I am truly saddened by this as I was really looking forward to this next installment of the Twilight series. need to convince her to finish it and then give me a copy. :0) Tell her I promise to respect her copyright priviliges and refuse to share it with anyone else. To the rest of you....I'm'll just have to wish you were me. :0) OK, so I'm kidding here. But seriously...Stephenie....if you are reading this {which I'm sure you are because my blog is THAT popular} please finish it! I need more Edward and Bella. It's a sickness...I know. Even after reading Breaking Dawn and being sad that there wasn't a big fight at the end where the bad guys were demolished....I still love them.


You can still go to her website to read the portion that she has written of this novel. She decided to share that much with the public as it had already been leaked. Sniff. I'll just never know the whole story from Edward's point of view. Sniff.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Edward's Story

Just in case you hadn't gotten your hands on the first chapter of Stephenie Meyers next book, I'll share with you the website so you can read it for yourself. So far...I'm loving it. It is Twilight again, but this time through the eyes of Edward Cullen. So glad to know I won't have to miss him for too long. :0)