Monday, June 30, 2008

Yard Sale Professionals!

That's right people! Between the three of us ladies...we brought in about $1000 profit off of our JUNK. Oh yeah! not all of it was junk. My mom sold a lot of her scrapbooking stuff that she still had left over from her store, a desk, books, and movies. She ended up going home with about $350 off of it. Not too shabby!

Montay sold all of her little boy clothes, toys, a vacuum, some baby things, and other miscellaneous items and went home with about $150! She was a wheelin' and dealin' kind of garage sale lady. She is a pro in my book. :0) I was truly impressed with her wicked awesome skills.

As for me....I sold a broken 46" tv, a Playstation 2 with 12 games, 10 year old ginormous stereo speakers, an HD DVD player with two movies, an old Playstation, a vacuum, a baby stroller, a pack and play, a high chair, a queen mattress set, a full mattress set, books, clothes, blankets, bedding sets, movies, scrapbook stuff, and other miscellaneous odds and ends. My hubby sold his old set of golf clubs for $75 to our next door neighbor as well. He's saving that for a new driver though, so it doesn't get to "count" in our grand total. :0) I ended up making about $500! Oh yeah!

The items that didn't sell we donated to the thrift store. Everything was hauled off. It was so wonderful and liberating! No more junk! Hallelujah! Even better...after we sweep out the garage and scrub it down, I will be able to park INSIDE of it. Crazy! :0) I can't wait!

I did end up severely sunburned. And all three of us ladies were exhausted after two days of sitting out in the sweltering heat. The heat just sucks the life out you....but it was all worth it! Today I am off to go buy the trampoline we promised the kids we'd buy if we made enough money to cover the costs. They are so thrilled!

Have a happy day!


Montay said...

Happy Tramp Day That sounds silly but I know you guys are going to have a blast on that thing !!!!!

Anonymous said...

So if I knew that scrapbook stuff was being sold I so would have contributed to you funds.


TravelinOma said...

What a great feeling it is to get rid of all the extra stuff that's accumulated. I usually enjoy the new space for a day or day, and then head out shopping to buy the replacement stuff!

AmyJ said...

You have inspired me to clean out my closets. Ah!

Jane the Sane said...

Oooo...I totally need a stroller too. Figures. I always hear about great sales when they are over. Happy trampolining with the kids!