Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Toddler for sale.....

I wish I could say she was cheap, but that would be false advertisement. Between swimming lessons, dance class, and a shoe fetish like her mother.....this little one can take a huge chunk out your pocketbook.

But after today.....I would be willing to simply hand her over to you. For free.
This girl is going to give me gray hairs I tell you. Since when did the terrible twos become the terrible threes and soon to be the terrible fours? When does the terrible go away? I don't remember my son EVER being so dramatic. And the temper tantrums she can throw....holy cow! It's like the flick of a switch too. She can turn it on or off at will. My mommy brain is fried. Is it bad that I wanted to just lock her in her room today? Of course, no such thing happened. But the thought did pass through my mind. :0)


I need a margarita.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sh! It's a secret!

It's June. I'm sure you knew that already....

but did you know that it also means that my birthday is coming up in just a few short weeks? This year marks my 30th birthday. But....

SSSHHHHHHH! Don't tell anyone.

Because honestly......I don't want anymore birthdays. I knew this birthday would be different from the others for me, but I didn't think I would be having this hard of a time with it. I don't feel old, nor do I think that 30 is old. I just feel like I'm in between places right now. I know it sounds random....but I'm wondering.....does a new decade mean I can't try to pull off "Young and sassy" anymore? I'm not going to be in my 20's anymore. The 20's are fun and exciting...right? Except for that I became a mom at 20 and so my fun consisted of Blue's Clues and Spiderman. Now that I don't have an infant in the home any longer....I feel the urge to act a bit more immaturely and want to just have some fun. You know, be crazy.....{as crazy as a mom can get anyway}. But then I remember.....I'm going to be 30. I told the hubby that I felt like I couldn't pull off cute and sassy because I felt like I was supposed to look a certain way now. What certain way you ask? Not a clue. I'm not old. But I have a kid who's almost 10 years old. So, how do you mix motherhood and being young and sassy?

Random thoughts....I know.

I also told the hubby that he was forbidden to celebrate my birthday this year. The present is still expected :0), but nothing else. I don't want the birthday. Maybe if there is no birthday we can all just pretend like I stayed 29. :0)

What do I want for my birthday you ask? Why....what every woman who has had children wants.....

My 18 year old body back!

A little lift and a little tuck.....put everything back into place. I'm not talking sucking or sculpting.....just no more sagging and excess skin. Sheesh....

The hubby says it's not going to happen. He did perk up when I told him I may be willing to enhance certain features if he would fork out the cash for the lifting and tucking. In fact, his exact words were, "Really? So how big we talking?" Such a pervert he is. :0) Alas....he still said this was not the year for any sort of enhancing. I may have to settle for something else.

As long as I don't have to turn 30. But, you all know how to keep a secret anyway right? Just remember.....

Ashlee is 29.......Ashlee is 29......Ashlee is 29......Ashlee is 29.......

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let the chaos begin!

May the HORSE be with you
Morningside Mustangs 2009

I put this on a white tshirt for my son for his last day of school today. His elementary school's mascot is the mustangs and he is obsessed with Lego Star Wars, so I found this quite fitting for him. I sent him off armed with a fabric marker so that all of his friends could sign his shirt.

What does the last day of school mean? It means summer vacation officially has begun. It means my baby is in the 4th grade now. It means......keeping a nine year old entertained for the next three months. I've tried to keep it pretty low key, but after filling in the calendar it seems like I wasn't quite able to pull that off. Go figure. Between swimming lessons for both kids, dance and tumbling for the daughter, basketball camp for the son, golf clinics for the son, and I'm still in school myself.....not to mention that the hubby is going to be gone for part of the summer taking his own set of courses at various locations. I feel tired already......