Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm it!

Since I love her the mostest {check out her comment counter.....I'm totally #1!!!!}, I am playing a game of tag with dear Momma Mary. And you all wanted to know this stuff anyway....so here goes!

What was I doing ten years ago?
If you really must know....I was trying to "find" myself. Summer of 1998 was not one of my best times. Did I find myself? Not for a very long time. Sigh. That's ok. Sometimes it takes some of us a little longer than others to figure things out. :0) I was living in Logan, UT....working at Pizza Hut as a dough master and Angie's Restaurant as a hostess. I would work from 5:45 am to 2:00 at Angie's and then from 3:00 to 9:00 at the Hut. I lived with my friend, Jenn, and a couple of other wierd roommates. Good times.....

5 Thing on my to-do list today:
Well, seeing as how the day is half over...I've already done some of the things on my "list". So, for the rest of the day...my goals are to:
1. Take a shower {yes, I haven't gotten one in yet}
2. Do homework
3. Clean house
4. Cook dinner
5. Do homework

Did I mention I needed to do some homework? Yeah....it's never ending....

Snacks I enjoy:
Wow...what don't I enjoy? :0)
I loves me some grape Laffy Taffy. The green ones are fabulous too. Chocolate chip cookies are hard to resist. Especially if they have semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips in them. Twix candy bars are great....Skittles are yummy....I snack on bananas a lot....Those Special K Strawberry bars are delicious! Sour patch kids are naughty yummy too. :0)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
What a deep question.....
First...obviously...pay bills. Boring, I know...but it needs to be done! :0)
Then...even though we already have two houses {one of which refuses to sell!}, I would buy a big house and hire a maid to clean it for me. But I wouldn't make her wear one of those maid outfits...because I'm nice like that. I would also pay off my mommy's house....because I love her. And then I'd buy houses or pay off houses for my siblings. Why not? I'm a freaking billionaire! I don't think I would buy fancy cars...maybe the hubby might for himself...in fact, I know he'd buy himself a truck. He wants one bad. But, gas is a billion dollars a gallon, so his nice compact car is perfect for the million miles he drives for work. :0) My car is cute...I would want to keep it. :0) I'd obviously have to pay a million in tithing....gotta give the Lord my tenth! :0) And then I think I'd go on a vacation. Or two. Jaysen needs one. Badly. A tour of Europe sounds wonderful. And after investing a lot of money so that it would last FOREVER, I would use oodles to fix up the Valley House here in town...make it bigger and better. And the Pregnancy Crisis Center here too. There are a lot of charity organizations that help out a lot of women and children who are running away from abusive situations. I totally want to help that cause. Oh...and I'd buy shoes. Lots and lots of shoes. :0)

Places I have lived:
Well, if you followed my Flashback Friday posts...you already know most of the places I've lived. But, if not...I'll share!
Twin Falls, ID
West Jordan, UT
South Padre Island, TX
Port Isabel, TX
Los Fresnos, TX
Brownsville, TX
Combes, TX
Harlingen, TX
Hagerman, ID
Buhl, ID
Logan, UT
Twin Falls, ID
Buhl, ID
Twin Falls, ID

I have moved 27 times in 29 years. Why? It's a sickness. I prefer that it stops here...but who knows what the future will bring.

Person I'm tagging:
Let's see.......
Montay, because according to MY comment counter, she loves ME the mostest :0)
If any of you others would like to join in....please do so!


sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

so you love me second most then? eh? hehehe.

i enjoy your bloggy and you, sister. kathleen

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

glad you got the shower, tee hee. fun list. i did one like this, too, but i don't remember when and i don't feel like looking it up on my bloggy.

okay, i'm outa here. night night, kathleen