Friday, December 14, 2007


On another blog that I go to often, I believe I have found a soul sister. She posted about her OCD complex. (Not for real!) But about the things that HAVE to be JUST SO. It was like reading about myself. ;0) So, I thought perhaps I should post as she did so that maybe you will understand why I do some of the things that I do. I'm not really crazy....I just can't help it! My grandma gets me....we've decided I get this from her. ;0)

1. Bins....tupperware containers....I have a lot of these. The containers must be see through. My children have a set for each of their bedrooms. The toys can't be mixed. Dress up clothes in one, Littly Tykes characters in guys in one, legos in get the idea. They have a proper place. Put them in the proper bin.
2. When I load the dishwasher....the silverware have to go in their proper slots. Forks cannot go in the spoon slot. Just because. It's the way it has to be.
3. I must sleep with three pillows. Two for my head (one horizontal, one vertical) and one between my knees. I haven't been able to break that habit since I had Mackenzee two years ago. 4. Being late is not an option. We must be five minutes early AT LEAST. That way nobody will have to wait on us. Time and clocks...big obsession.
5. I hate it when people spell words wrong. Lyke thay deedn't gow tu skool er sumfing. I know that's really bad of me. The occasional mistake...I can look past. It could have just been a typo. I do it at times in my own writing. Though I hate it when I catch myself doing it. But seriously...they have spell check for a reason. Use it!
6. Going with #5....when people write and don't use the correct there, their, they're OR its, it's, its'...stuff like that. I realize this is petty. But my 6th grade English teacher ground this stuff into my brain I notice it.
7. Pictures for scrapbooking can only be cut into squares. I have been able to slide in a few circles here and there if it fits the layout, but it is really hard for me. I'm trying! But I just can't do it. And not only square....but straight up and down. Crooked pictures on my Again...I've been able to do a page here or there where I've been able to stretch my wings and get "crazy"...but it is TRULY hard. I can't help it!
8. My check register must have all the little boxes checked off within three days. If not, I stress. If I have written you a check...please cash it quickly. I have literally called my mom and told her to get to the bank NOW.
9. My movies must be alphabetized. The clothes in my closet must be hung up in rainbow order....except for my dresses and skirts. Those are lined up in order of length.

I could seriously go on....but you are all probably scared of me now. But perhaps you will understand me a little better when I say something. You won't get caught off guard. You will just be able to shake your head at me like the rest of my family does.
Now, I used to be this way with my house. With EVERYTHING for that matter....but since having Mackenzee...I've just had to let go of a few things. I would seriously be in the looney bin otherwise. But I can assure you that I am close to being there now as my house has been in permanent clutter mode since we moved in. I am so ready for my basement to be done! We should be done in March! Hallelujah! Then things can really get organized around here!