Friday, June 27, 2008

Wild and Crazy Gals!

What happens when you put together me, my mom, and Montay with a multi-family yard sale?

Apparently sunburn and headaches mixed with a lot 'o cash in Ashlee's pocket! :0)

I will post some pictures and a final tally tomorrow after we finish up the madness that is my weekend. But, basically, it was time to empty my garage so I could finally park in it. I know...crazy. Huh? So, I told my mom I was doing it and she wanted to join in. And then Montay found out and said she had some stuff to sell too. So I figured, what the heck....the more the merrier right?

It was in the 90s today...and me and my little V neck tshirt and cut off shorts that showed off my virgin white skin is making for an uncomfortable evening. I am planning on going straight to bed after ingesting a Tylenol PM. We start again at 8:00 am! People really do this! I had people here at 7:10 am this morning! Are they crazy? For my stuff? It's paying off so far...I've made more than I had ever anticipated. And it has been fun chatting with my mom and Montay as we sweat and stink together in the sun. :0)

Good times I tell ya!


~Virginia~ said...

i heart garage sale shopping! my mom and i are thinking of having one, too. need the extra space and money!

Amber M. said...

Sounds like fun...minus the sunburn and the sweat and the stink:-)

Shannon said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck, hope you made tons of money!