Friday, June 13, 2008

Yo Quiero Taco Bell?

Did I spell that right? Probably not...oh well. :0)

And we didn't even go to Taco Bell. We did go get Mexican food though...let me explain.

Last night was Girls Night! Yahoo! I live for this day of the month. And honestly, it felt like it was NEVER going to come. It has been a really long month for me. REALLY LONG. We had decided to treat ourselves to a meal out without the kids and chose La Fiesta as the place. There were eight of us that showed up...not counting the babies. :0) Yes, oodles of my girls have been having babies lately. It's crazy! And we've got another one coming in a couple of weeks. Lots and lots of girl babies too...except for the lone stud man Jaxon. {Did I spell that right Bonnie?}
This isn't all of the babies either. Tana couldn't make it last night, so her cutie patootie isn't pictured here.

We went to Natalie's house after dinner for some ice cream and chit chat. We ended up dealing with cell phone stalkers and and talking about blogging and Hooter Hiders. :0) {don't ask about the stalkers!}

Anyway...we had a great time! For those of you that didn't make were missed and you totally missed out on some fabulous strawberry margaritas! :0)


Kellan said...

Look at all those adorable babies - how cute is that! So glad you ha a good time.

Have a good weekend - see you soon. Kellan

~Virginia~ said...

well look at you and your fancy new page! i love it! :)

if i weren't so afraid of babies i might be inclined to say "oh, i want one!", but like i said...they scare me. they are definitely adorable though! :)

happy friday! :)

Montay said...

You silly girl I love it I thought you forgot to take some picture but ahh haa I see you are a sneeky one and I have to say that miss Sadie looks fab don't you think :) said...

you are blessed.

sounds like you know what you savor, kathleen

Anderson's said...

Fun times...cute babies! Can't wait till next time since I will have mine!!

Sister Sassy said...

Thats lots of babies. :)

Girls and 1 guys night out sounds fun!

Momma Mary said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE. My ovaries hurt just looking at all of that new cuteness! :)

You totally spelled Yo quiero taco bell right, too btw.

(i think I'm being told to eat a ppeaar by your verification. Maybe it stutters?)