Thursday, June 12, 2008

Isn't it Ironic?

Honey Bunch wrote about her son's last day of school today. I told her that it would be unforgettable. :0)

Honestly...I think it's because I completely forgot what the last day of school has been like for my son EVERY. YEAR. Except this year.

Because it just happened. :0)

You need proof?

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago on the last day of 2nd grade. Please pay no attention to my son's dissheveled appearance. This picture was taken at the end of the day and they went swimming on the last day of school.


This picture was taken last year on the last day of school.

Notice the shirt he's wearing in both pictures..... son wore the exact same shirt on the last day of school two years in a row. It obviously fit better in the 1st grade, and wasn't so worn out. Sigh. I remember buying the shirt as school got out. It was warmer and he needed some short sleeved shirts. It may have even been the first time he wore it.

I know you are thinking...why does this matter? Well, see....I'm a scrapbooker. So, these pictures will go down in history on the pages of a book. And, because I can't remember one year to the will show that he wore the EXACT same shirt two years in a row on the EXACT same day. I got a good laugh out of this one. Yes, my son has plenty of shirts to wear. Don't send any in the mail thinking he has only the one shirt. :0) But, seriously...isn't it a funny coincidence?


Sister Honey Bunch said...

Now THAT is funny!

~Virginia~ said...

what a neat idea for last day of school--i wish i had pictures with all of my teachers!

Momma Mary said...

Ha hA!!! that is classic!! I bet from now on you'll remember those two years! At least because of this. :)

Kellan said...

How funny! Cute pictures. I did a post last week about how my boy wore CAMO to school on his last day - for his GRADUATION CEREMONY. I'm such a good mom.

Hope you had a good day - Kellan

Anderson's said...

So cute! You of all people would enjoy that! Love your new background...I also am enjoying Styx. I didn't know you were a fan too!

Montay said...

Fun I get the same kind of kick when I see a pic of Rhett wearing one of Coles old ones said...

hi ashlee,

he had clothes on ... so no problem :) kathleen