Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ask and you shall receive

Remember my post on how much I LOVE Halloween?

Remember how I posted what my costume was?
REmember how you asked me to post a picture so that I could show you all how super sexy I looked in my pirate costume?
Because I love you all SOOOOO much.....I am sharing my hotness with you.

That's right....a Clone Trooper, a Pirate, a fairy, and a police officer walk into a bar. One says, I'm an android and androids don't drink, the fiary says, "I'm only three, I can't drink", and the officer says, "I'm on duty ma'am, there'll be no drinking tonight." So, the pirate vixen tightened up her little corset {Can I tell you how annoying that thing was?} and went off to add the lime juice to the frozen brain instead of the "good stuff" she was hoping for. :0) that whole thing was made up...except for the floating brain in lime juice. I did have one of those.

Seriously my hubby not the hottest thing? Wow! Sure, his friends teased him about looking like a male stripper....but I thought he just looked nice in his fake little uniform with his hat. Oh yeah..... :0)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sister Sassy had a contest this week {Keeping my fingers crossed that I win!} about music and how it has the ability to be in touch with your emotions. So much so, that it can heal you, inspire you, or even hurt you.

Her post made me reflect on the music from my life. As most of my readers know I am a HUGE fan of music. In fact, my iTunes list has everything from Show Tunes, to Classical, to Alternative, to even Rock and Hip Hop. I love music. For so many reasons. I grew up with music in my home. Maybe that is why I feel such a connection to it. My mom would play songs on the piano and me and my sisters and brother would stand around the piano and sing along. They are some of my favorite memories.

I have found that for every emotion I have felt, there is the perfect song. :0) Kind of like the perfect cheer. :0)

Now, I am not having a wicked awesome contest like Sassy. BUT! I wanna there a song that has meaning to you? A song that has helped you through a difficult time? That hurt you? That made you aspire to be more? Tell me! Maybe there is a song that I am missing in my collection. :0)

I'll share a few of mine in the mean time....

Bring on the Rain - JoDee Messina {I know's country. See? We can still be friends}
You're Not Alone - Michael McLean
I'll Try - Jonatha Brooke
Miss You When You're Gone - Cranberries
River Lullaby - Hans Zimmer
I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
Four Seasons - Vivaldi
Perfect - Alanis Morissette
Never There - Hoobastank
Cry - Faith Hill
Answered Prayer - Keri Noble

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A lost art?

I don't sew. I have a sewing machine....but I don't sew. I WANT to sew....but I don't sew.
I'm in charge of Super Saturday {craft day for women} and have come up with some great ideas for varying forms of "craftiness" for the ladies to do. I know that there are some that are not into paper crafting, and therefore would enjoy doing a different form of homemade gift. I thought perhaps something that was sewn would be different and cater to those who prefer that form of creativity. I thought perhaps a "sew easy" project like placemat scripture totes would be something fun and different. The other one is slightly harder, but still an easy pattern that could be completed quickly. My mom made a mini apron for my daughter a couple of years back and she loves it. It is similar to the one that my mom made for me when I was little {the only difference is the color}. I thought it would be fun to include this item as an option, though I thought making it a mommy and me apron class would be even more fun. That way the ladies could make matching aprons for them and their daughter/granddaughter if they wanted to.
So, my excitement at these fun ideas was bubbling over. Now...trying to find someone who can sew and would be willing to be in charge of demonstrating how to create the project. Ummm.....{imagine crickets chirping}.
Yes, that's right. I'm finding that a lot of women are like me and have no idea how to sew. Most WANT to be able to sew. But they do not sew.
No worries....I will find someone, that is not the purpose of this post.
I just want to any of you sew? Do you WANT to sew? I'm wondering if this is becoming a lost art. You know? My mother is an amazing seamstress and my grandmother is the queen seamstress of them all {I'm not kidding...she is amazing}. But, it stopped at my mothers generation in this family. I WILL learn at some point. Finding the time to squeeze it in is my struggle. I barely find time to squeeze in a daily shower, let alone sit down for several hours to complete a sewing project. BUT! One of these days I will!
I'll let you know how it goes....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

There were about five hummingbirds all swarming around the feeder at my in-laws house that day. It was so hard to catch a shot of any of them because they dart around so quickly. It was crazy!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


For some reason, Jaysen and I have been in serious movie-mode lately. We have watched oodles of them. Some were good...some were not worth my time. So, I thought I would share my thoughts to keep you from making the same mistakes I did. :0)

I had never even heard of this one, but we saw it in the video store and thought it would be nice to watch something different. It wasn't BAD, but it was a bit jumpy and at times hard to follow. And...the ending was WAY not what I expected.
Yes, we rented the Love Guru. My hubby likes comedies such as this. And, as was totally retarded. Not to say that I didn't laugh. Because I did. It was just dumb. You know what I mean?
I got this one to watch while my neice was visiting. It was a special request from her. :0) I have to say that I thought it was super cute. A very good tween movie with a good mystery in it...all Nancy Drew style. Good stuff!
This one was kind of predictable and cheesy. Sorry if I have offended anyone by that. :0) But seriously...he jumps on a horse and rides across the island to stop the wedding? Really?

When I saw the previews for this one my first thought way. EVER. It looked dumb. But the hubby likes stuff like this, so in the Netflix queue it went. I was pleasantly surprised! It wasn't at all what I thought it would be, and the trailer did not portray the true theme for the movie at all.
Um...this one is up there with my favorite movies of all time. I love music {as most of you know} and I truly enjoyed how they brought out the "music of life" in this. The kid does such a great job. When it was done {after I wiped away a few tears} I looked at Jaysen and asked him what he thought. I was sure he wouldn't like it becuase he has hated every other musical I have made him watch with me. But, he surprised me by saying he REALLY liked it. He even told me to go and buy the soundtrack {I had already found the songs on iTunes...} :0)
This one was another awesome one. I love Steve Carell. Am I the only one that thinks he is just a teensy bit handsome? I am? Oh well.
I am ashamed to admit that I did watch this...and thought it was the most retarded movie I have seen in a very long time. Don't even bother. {Jaysen laughed}
Iron Man...not what I expected, but it was good. I knew nothing about Iron Man before watching this movie, and so I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but it was decent. Jaysen loves it.

This one was for Mackenzee for her birthday. For those of you who are not aware of the existence of Miss Abby are missing out. She is the newest Muppet Character on Sesame Street and is the cutest thing. She is a fairy in training {as her parents are both fairies} and she is three years old. She has a hard time with magic and tends to turn things into pumpkins. :0) This movie is a spoof of Alice in Wonderland, done up Sesame Street style {with all your favorite characters}. Mackenzee loves it. :0)
I hope these reviews will help to save at least a few of you from making the mistakes that I made. Some movies are just not WORTH IT. :0)

getting crafty-wafty

Yes, that's right. I got my "craft" on for Girls Night this last week. My friend, Montay, was awesome enough to host and made kits for each of us to create this beautiful masterpiece.

Sorry for the poor picture quality...I just took a quick snap so I could share with you. :0)

It is a standing recipe holder. We each brought our own coordinating papers and ribbons and then proceeded to mod podge the papers onto the boards and ink the crap out of them.

The ginormous rings at the top make it possible for you to lift each section up to view the index card recipes. I obviously haven't gotten to stuffing mine with recipes yet. :0)

Anyway...we had so much fun and I got to take this home! Thanks so much Montay for being such an awesome host and for putting so much time and effort into these kits for us. You rock!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

It's my baby's birthday on Sunday.

*sniff, sniff*

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Further quirkiness revealed

I did this tag back in February, but just got tagged with it again and figured...why not? I freakish enough that I always have quirks that people find odd. :0) For the original quirky tag post go here...

As for I go. This is a tag where you name 6 non-important quirks you have. Though all of MY quirks are WAY important...

1. My "getting ready" rituals must be done in the same order. When I shower, it is shampoo and conditioner and THEN soap. It cannot be the other way around. Also, the hair must be done before the make-up is put on. AND...teeth must be brushed prior to putting on make-up.

2. I hate to drink milk. I can't do it. I even tried to last week, but it was SO gross! I can use it for cereal and for baking...and love chocolate milk...but I can't drink just a plain old glass of milk.

3. I buy my Christmas presents MONTHS early. In fact, I have all but one Christmas present purchased for this year. I know what is coming and try to get it out of the way before the season starts and gets hectic. In fact, I usually have my Christmas cards all done and ready to mail out on December 1. Another thing on the list to get checked off quickly. I know...I'm a freak.

4. I hate wearing socks. I can hardly stand it. My feet get claustrophobic if I wear them for too long.

5. Purple is my least favorite color. For those of you that like it...please skip this next part so I do not offend you...

It is UGLY! I'm not talking plum or even lavendar. Those I can handle. But the purple crayon in the crayon not a good color.

I told you purple-lovers not to read that part! :0)

6. It drives me crazy when people say words wrong. Like "crick" instead of "creek", and "fustrating" instead of "frustrating", and "warsh" instead of "wash". Holy cow! Enunciation people! I know some of it has to do with where you live and it's an accent. But I notice it...and I can't help it. I had a friend from the Midwest who always said "beg" instead of "bag". What? Sigh....

So there you have it. Further quirkiness revealed. I'm sure I've lost at least a few friends who are now so scared of me they would rather just stay away. It's ok...I understand. I scare myself sometimes. :0)

Thanks Jamee for the tag! If any of you are wanting to play along, consider yourself tagged!

Go team!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Boo! Did I scare you?

October is one of my favorite months. My family celebrates several birthdays this month, including my daughter, who will be three this month.
But, the best part about October......

is Halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because I get to have fun with it. :0) Let me share.....

First of get into the proper spooky spirit, one must watch Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas". This is one of the most awesome movies ever made.

Then, you must go to the pumpkin patch. Yes, I know it is cheaper to buy your pumpkins at the grocery store...but do your kids get to go through the hay maze? Or climb the hay tower? Or ride the pumpkin express? Besides...what toddler doesn't love pulling around their own little red wagon and filling it up with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes?

After selecting your most favorite is essential that you get down and dirty and carve at least a few of those babies. The year that Mackenzee had just turned 1 we put a binky in the mouth of her little pumpkin. It was super cute. :0)

And then of course, you must properly party down, Monster Style. Trick or treating is a must, and it is WAY more fun if you are in costume as well. :0)
This is my costume this year. You think I'm kidding? Not even remotely. It's hanging up in my closet as we speak. :0) I'm going to be Ashlee, the Sassy Pirate Maiden.
Don't mess with me. :0) I'll make you walk the plank.
So, what are your favorite fall/Halloween things to do? Anything I've missed?