Thursday, May 29, 2008


Tonight my neice graduates from high school. Last night, my other neice graduated from kindergarten. It's that time of year. Big changes for a lot of people. My baby gets his math trophy today. He completed all of his 50 in a minute tests. I'm so proud of him. I know when I was in second grade I didn't know my division problems up through the 9's. It's crazy! But, he worked so hard and did it! And today, he gets his reward. He is so excited. :0) And then tomorrow, he's no longer a second grader. It's over. Third grade here he comes. :0(

What is it about this time of year? So many changes all at once. School gets out, graduations happen, summer sports begin, people are getting married, {Ashlee will have her birthday} just gets crazy. I feel frazzled. There are so many things that are going on and that need to get done, I'm feeling pulled in 40 different directions.

Anyway...back to graduations. First of all...I'm not old enough to have a neice graduating from high school! But, my BIL is definitely old enough to have a daughter I guess I'm stuck. :0)
Do you remember your graduation? In my high school they didn't have a valedictorian or salutatorian. Just a top 10. Weird huh? I was in the top 10. I walked with my friend, Travis. I had to nab him pretty quick because there were more girls in the top 10 than guys and I didn't want to be stuck walking with a chick. Graduates were supposed to be paired up boy/girl, but the top 10 sat on the front row and so we had to walk with each other. Yep...I got to him first. That's right! :0) And, I'm not sure why...but we were the first pairing to walk into the gym. The first of our class to enter the room. Nice, huh? And, because of this...I was the first to get a diploma. Oh yeah! At the end of the get all of the graduates out of their seats and together at the front of the room, they did this circular walk thing every year. Again..I was in seat #1, so I was in charge of leading the walk. In practice I did it perfect. At graduation....I was far too pump to try to keep a slower pace. I walked with the beat of the music, which was too fast, and ended up in the center of the room before everyone had made it up to the front. It was a mess. Oh well. Everyone made it up there anyway...and we tossed our caps up in the air. We were done! YAY! Then came the mess of trying to find where our hats had landed. :0) I found my hat, but the tassle was missing. Because I'm a snot...I picked up someone else's hat and stole theirs. Aren't I horrible? I couldn't NOT have my tassle. Yes, I'm a selfish brat. Or at least, I was when I was 18. :0) Ask my mom. :0)

I still remember so many things about that day. It was such an exciting time. High school was ending and we were off to live our lives. Such high hopes and optimism. I hope that's the way my neice is feeling. I know she's having a hard time right now. Going from childhood to adulthood is hard. Making big decisions for yourself and wanting to be independant, but still needing our parents....I don't envy her right now. I'm rooting for her though. She's a smart girl and she will figure it out.
Congrats to all the graduates out there! That will be me next year! Yahoo!


Momma Mary said...

10. years. ago. uuugh. was it really that long ago?

Montay said...

So fun I too remember my graduation I was so scared and excited at the same time.

Anonymous said...

So I remember mine pretty good. I really enjoyed those days but am glad to be past them at the same time.


~Virginia~ said...

i threw my hat in the air...and it hit someone in the head. i have extremely poor coordination.

and i always cry at pomp & circumstance. every.single.time. gah!

Sister Sassy said...

I was just thinking about that feeling, that not knowing what was coming and excitement that came.

I have nieces and nephews that are old enough to get married and have kids. Tell me about it!

Bonnie B. said...

Thinking about my high school graduation, and it makes me feel OLD!!! 17 years ago. Holy crap. Such good memories, though.

Montay said...

So I came to visit today and noticed that I was the top commenter WOOO HOOO I am so honored to be your Number 1 go me!! And go you for having fun things to comment on:)