Friday, May 9, 2008

Flashback Friday Week 9

So, we have now said goodbye to my years in Texas. The summer before I went into 7th grade my family moved to Hagerman, ID. This town has a population of 2. I'm kidding. It's about 500. Seriously this time.
Why Hagerman? My parents decided to buy the Rock Lodge. It was an inn located on Billingsley Creek. This picture is what was in my backyard. The Inn was one of those getaway type places with little log cabins for people to run away for the weekend in. We lived on site. Now, I'm sure all of you are thinking this is fabulous. But, for us, it meant cleaning hotel rooms after school. This was a family run business. I learned at a young age about "sanitizing for your safety" and how to check someone in to their room. Yes, it was my very first job, and I was 12.

Jr. High was when I had my very first boyfriend. His name was Shane. He sat in front of me in class. Yes, my one class. Even though it was Jr. High, because the town was so small, my entire 7th grade class fit into one classroom. The 8th grade class met in the room next to ours. And these 2 Jr. High classes were a part of the High School. It was crazy. Anyway...back to my "boyfriend". By boyfriend, I mean we had a crush on each other. That was it. Yeah....boys were still kind of wierd for me. Cute....but wierd.

Being 12 years old now also meant that I got to go to Young Womens at church. This was HUGE for me. I had waited impatiently for over a year to be able to go to YW. My mom was the Stake YW President when we were in Texas and so I always got to hear about all of the fabulous things that the older girls were doing. I was dying to be a part of it. My Beehive teachers did not let me down. They were great.

And, one of the best parts about this move was that we were closer to family. My grandparents and several aunts and uncles live here and so, we were now a mere 45 minutes away from them. Much better than 2,000 miles. :0)


Cameron said...

The Rock Lodge was rockin!

You know, I think the new owners have changed the name. I googled it a couple of years ago and it's now owned by a group of like 3 women. They do some sort of retreat or something on site.

Man, you liked some winners...

Christie said...

Junior high in one classroom? Did you have different teachers throughout the day? Wowza. Can't even imagine. More stories, please.

Montay said...

Sounds like my kind of place I wish it were like the good old days... And I wish I could have been friends with you when you lived there that water looks perfect for wadding in.

Ashlee said...

yeah..they call it the Billingsley Creek Inn or something like that now.

We did have different teachers. They came to us in our classroom. It was wierd.

Even better than the wading, was the little natural water slide that went over the rocks. You just had to watch out for the poison ivy. :0) said...


~Virginia~ said...

wow. that creek is beautiful. you definitely weren't in texas anymore! :)