Monday, May 19, 2008

And how about you? Are you still alive?

So, how was your weekend? Mine.....

was psycho.

Friday was our school carnival. And, though we raised enough money to finish paying for our library bookshelves and still have some left over for next years Open House, the carnival itself was crazy. Not enough helpers. I was supposed to be a "wanderer" to ensure things flowed smoothly. What did I end up doing? Selling tickets for THREE hours. Why? Because the event coordinator didn't get enough people to cover it. I'm going to leave it at that, because otherwise I'll go off on a little tangent about how people shouldn't try to do EVERYTHING by themselves. Especially when help is being offered.

Friday was also the day that I found out.....

Even though my basement is completely done {just finish work left}, my contractor needs to move on to his next job. Yes. It's true.

Because I love my contractor {he's my cousin people! Don't be thinking bad things!} and because I know whose house he is working on next and I am excited for their basement to be done too....I can't be angry. He has promised that he will come work nights here to finish up. It shouldn't take much longer as we only have a few baseboards left to install, windowsills, handrail, and touch up painting left to do.

Since our basement is so near completion, we are able to start moving SOME things downstairs to declutter the upstairs. {Hallelujah!} So, Saturday we moved in "Old Blue", the tv was hung on the wall, and the moving process began. For clarification...Old Blue is the name of my hubby's old blue sectional. Yes, he named his couch. Let me explain....

The couch belonged to his parents. I think he said they had it in their basement. When he went off to college, he took it with him for his bachelor pad. That's where the sectional got it's name. Boys are wierd. What can I say? When I met hubby, Old Blue was in his tv room of his home. After we got married and moved into our first home together it was in our tv room. One day I decided that our house was arranged retarded and so the family room became the dining room, and the dining room/ living room became JUST the family/living room. More spacious. Better get the idea. This meant that Old Blue no longer had a place in our home. So, we plopped it in storage. Over two years later, it now has a place. Unfortunately. We were hoping to buy a new sectional. Do you know how much money those things cost? Holy cow! Yeah...we spent our couch money on carpeting for our upstairs {which wasn't in the initial plan, but was a MUST for my sanity}. So, the new sectional will have to wait until Uncle Sam sends us our nice rebate check in the mail. :0) Old Blue required some serious steam cleaning after two years in storage, and he doesn't look quite the same. BUT! It's still such a comfy couch. Seriously...comfy.

Anyway...back to the psycho weekend. Saturday was killer. My calves are burning from how many times I walked up and down the stairs. BTW...I forgot how much I hate stairs. Ok, not really. But on Saturday I was hating them. :0) I took my vacuum to them to pick up the left over carpet fibers from the installation process and yuck! Vacuuming stairs is NOT on my top ten things that are most fun!

Did I mention that my daughter did NOT take a nap all weekend? That we think there is REALLY something wrong with the sump pump downstairs? That I hate toddler beds because now my toddler WON'T stay in bed?


Here's to a new week! PTA is OVER! Hallelujah! The organizing of my basement can continue! hallelujah!

Did I mention that I got to alphabetize my DVD collection....only to find out that there is still another box of DVDs in the black hole garage. So, I'll have to re-order all of them once I find them. Oh least I have a place to put them now!


Montay said...

Girl you are crazy hope it calms down soon for your sanity sake. And I say put back up the crib she is your baby girl and you can do a big bed later on when things calm down naps are a must!!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you can finaaly start putting stuff downstairs. I here you on the nap thing. I still make gage take naps and he is 4, but when he doesn't watch out.


Anderson's said...

I miss naps...Abby is nice and lets me take a nap, but she tells me she is too big for naps herself.

Let us know if you need help moving stuff downstairs. said...

hi ashlee --

deep breaths.

one more. another one.

and another one. let it out. wheew, yay, you made it through that ick.

thank you for continuing to leave warm fuzzy comments on my blog. i love it when you come by, kathleen

i'm kelly said...

oh heavens!sounds crazy. i'm excited for you about your basement... totally envious - i would love to have a basement. i hope today was better!

Cameron said...

You realize, of course, that because of blue ray you're just going to have to redo all that dvd organizing?