Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Can't Help Myself

Today was a long day. My dresser is in the dining room. :0) The bedrooms are torn apart as we try to rearrange things for the carpet layers to come and do the bedrooms of Friday. The were pre-booked for today and tomorrow, so they can't come back and finish up until the end of the week. I'm not complaining. It will give us {or rather me} enough time to re-situate things to make way for that phase of the complete destruction of my home. :0) I Did I mention I love my new carpet? It's beautiful. It's like a whole other house. I can't wait to ditch it in the bedrooms too.
Anyway...back to my long day. I came home from my PTA meeting last night to Jaysen telling me he decided to haul the Air Hockey table downstairs. It's all set up. What? Brandon...I am so sorry. I know I already told you that three times today...but I'm repeating myself. In writing. The hubby can't help himself. It's his "man space" and he's dying to set it all up. Though I realize the table is completely in the way, he is oblivious to this fact. Sigh. Did I mention that I'm sorry?

The electrician was here today finishing up his work down in the basement. {I can't explain that one, but there has been frustrations in that area.} But...he did finish! And look at my pretty new lights!

I went to do one of my assignments, but realized it was not possible because when we moved the computer out of the bedroom last night and put it back into the dining room {This desk has some SERIOUS miles on it!} until we can then move it into the basement, the speakers were not hooked back up. I couldn't find them. Needed the speakers to listen to the presentation that I was supposed to critique. Sigh. It's not due yet, but I like to have all of my assignments done by Thursday so I have the weekend to rest and play. {Hubby is lovingly hooking up said speakers as I type this. He's such an awesome guy.}
So, I decided to go to Lowe's {NOT HOME DEPOT. LOVE YOU MONTAY!} and purchase the slab of wood I will be turning into my desk workspace in my new craft room. It will fit in my car right? I can just lay down the seats all the way up to the front and they'll slide right in. I had it all figured out. So, off Kenzee and I go to Lowes. The nice man there cuts it for me to just the right measurements and another nice gentleman helps me out to the car with it. Wood is heavy! He begins to slide it in the car...and guess what? Today is the day I realize my front passenger side seat DOES NOT fold forward. Nope. Not even a little bit. The wood does not fit. Good thing I live in Idaho, where it is perfectly acceptable to use twine to tie something inside of a car {I drive a Pacifica} and even more twine to tie the hatchback down. They actually have a big box of it inside the exit door for people just like me. The guy loading my car was a pro at it. The wood didn't even budge the entire way home. Of course I drove like an old lady the whole way {15 miles per hour}. I wasn't about to have that wood fly out the back of my car. That's the last thing I needed. And yes, there was a pile of cars behind me for quite some time. I think several of them turned down side streets to find an alternate route. :0) For you, I did not take Blue Lakes. I'm not that stupid.
And, indulge my inner OCD...I began the process of going through Landon's "mess" to see what will be going in his new room and what will be going into the play room {and what ended up in the garbage. But SH! Don't tell him!} The poor kid is sleeping on the floor right now. His bed has been moved downstairs, but downstairs isn't ready for him. So, he's camping out in his bedroom. Thankfully, he thinks it's fun. :0) I don't think I could say the same.
As part of this indulging, I began organizing his puzzles. Landon started putting those 100 piece puzzles together when he was 3. He loves puzzles. He amazes me. He doesn't even have to look at the picture to be able to put the puzzle together. {that's what I have to do.} He just starts matching them up like it's a piece of cake. It's crazy. Anyway...needless to say, he has OODLES of them because of this. But the boxes can only be taped back together so many times. And, they take up a lot of space. So, I solved that problem tonight as I watched Jason Castro get booted off American Idol. :0)

I cut the picture off the top of the puzzle box and dumped the puzzle pieces as well as the picture of what the puzzle was into a ziploc bag. I can now put these in ONE tupperware {see through of course} and save SO much space. And, there is no longer the worry of another box breaking open and puzzle pieces spilling everywhere.

This re-organizing stuff is almost naughty for me. :0) I can't help myself. I truly love it. I know...I'm crazy. But I get some serious satisfaction out of organization. Yes, I have OCD. So sue me! :0)


Ashlee said...

Wow, I just read over my post and noticed how many grammatical errors are in there. Not only train of thought was all over the place.

My brain is tired. I should have waited until morning to post this. :0) But, I'm not fixing it. I hope you can all make sense of what I wrote. If not...just play along. Hopefully my brain comes back soon.

Barbara & Morris said...

I had a field trip to a play(ANNIE JR.) and then lunch and playtime at the park today..
soooo needless to say I was able to follow very well your new post...hehehe
Got to love my Kinders.
I too am very glad to finally see Jason go bye bye tonight !!!
But...about the organizing thing..I need your skill in my garage with all my school stuff after 600 students and many years of collecting every year!!!
I think I should get "Mission Organization" the show on TV to come...I don't think they have ever done a would be great don't you think???
Sorry for the running on tonight..
Fondly, B.

Amber M. said...

Isn't that puzzle idea the best?? It has saved me time and sanity many times over.

Montay said...

I have said it before and I will say it again "I AM SO JELOUS" of the basement and fun "NEW" stuff I love to set things up and find a place for everything. Love the puzzle idea I may have to adopt it and then you went to LOWES What a good girl! I am so glad they were so helpfull to you, and the wood made it home in one piece. Next time give me a call we can go over in the truck. I can not wait to see the entire thing all put together I may even have to sneek a peek before the big reveal:)

Anonymous said...

So once you get your house done come over and help me with mine. I don't think it will ever get organized.


Bonnie B. said...

How fun for you! It's like you're getting a totally new house! Just have to survive the "destruction" process first. And then you will be in heaven as you find a place for everything, and put everything in its place!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I loved every second of this post. And nothing makes me happier than organizing. I got a huge thrill looking at those ziplock bags.

Jane the Sane said...

Beautiful light fixture! I realized after reading your post that what I really want, more than anything right now, except chocolate, is an Air Hockey table. We could put it right in the middle of the living room.

Sister Sassy said...

I want to go there.. I love air hockey!

Wow, i need some organizational help. Really I think I just need to throw everything away.

Great colors!

Buxton Family said...

I think Rachel may be related to you somehow. Organizing is her favorite thing to do also. It is her therapy. I, on the other hand hate it...and I have so much of it to do if we are going to move this summer. It puts me into a panic just thinking about it.

~Virginia~ said...

those are great light fixtures! very nice. have a great, clutter-free weekend! :)

Anderson's said...

Looks fantastic!!