Thursday, February 14, 2008


I know that today is the "day of love" and most people are posting love stories and what not. But, honestly, I just can't get into it. The holiday that is. I've never been a huge fan of the day. When I was little and in elementary it was dealing with the stress over who got which Valentine. I took all those little cards so literally. I couldn't give the ones that said anything about "love" or "be mine" to the boys. They might think I liked them. I would sit for hours deliberating about those dang things. So, it was rather interesting to watch my eight year old in his 2nd grade class tearing through his Valentines and not even reading them. Nope. Not a one. He looked at who gave him the Spiderman one, or the "gross!" Hello Kitty one. But, he didn't actually even read what it said. Apparently nobody really cares. {All those wasted hours!}
And then as I got older it was the stress over if you HAD a Valentine or not. Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't. It was always the same thing when I did......What in the crap do you get a BOY on the day of love? Because the day is so commercialized they tell you that you are supposed to buy chocolate, jewelry, flowers, or stuffed animals right? Boys don't want any of that stuff. {well....maybe the chocolate :0)} I hated worrying about it. And for me it was wierd getting jewelry from boys I had dated for only a month.
The last couple of years of high school and for a couple of years afterwards, I worked in a flower shop. Valentine's Day was CRAZY! Seriously. And, all of you that complain out there about the price of roses on this day...don't blame your florist! The wholesalers jack up the prices for the little shops buying them and that's why they charge you more. Vicious cycle. Anyway...seeing all of this didn't help my feelings about the most romantic day of the year either. Sigh.

I have received some really nice and thoughtful gifts from my hubby on Valentine's Day. And I have put a lot of thought into gifts for him as well. But, this year we fully agreed TOGETHER to just bag the whole thing. He was really nervous when he asked me if it would be ok if we just didn't buy anything for each other this year and so when I jumped at the chance to "skip" V-day he was thoroughly relieved. Now, when I say SKIP, I don't mean to REALLY skip the holiday. Just the gifts. I don't need one from him to know how much he loves me. I see it in his face every day when he gives me a little wink from across the room. The little things we do for each other EVERY DAY, not just on V-DAY make us giddy in love with each other. Like when I make his favorite meal for dinner, or rub his round little belly. :0) {Bet you wanted to know that huh?} The UNpurchased gifts are the best ones.

So, do you see my reasoning? I'm sure you all get it now. I'm not completely bah humbug. We are having heart shaped pizza for dinner tonight. And Jaysen's gift from me will be a big fat juicy slobbery kiss. :0) {I don't really slobber though}

I hope you all have a VERY happy Valentine's Day......however you celebrate it. Hopefully you will be surrounded by those you love and that love you in return!


Anderson's said...

Okay...I am dumb. I didn't even know about this blog. Zach came and told me all about it. I will have to read it more often.

Sister Sassy said...

darn it- my whole answer was deleted.

Oh well. I just said today was never a big deal because our cult didn't celebrate it. But I used today as and excuse to write about what happened to us this fall.

Alicia said...

Amen, sister. I am not a huge fan either, I do love romance but I prefer the spontaneous, just because rather than the pressure of it has to be today and it has to be romantic.

Ashlee said...

Sassy, I loved your story. I'm so glad you shared. Whether or not you "DO" Valentine's Day or not, it's always nice to hear a good love story. :0)

Jane the Sane said...

Thad and I usually limit ourselves to cards. I have a lot of bad Valentine's memories so I never got into the holiday either. I do love having a Valentine though. It is a good time to remember why we fell in love. It is easy to forget that in the daily grind.

Bridget said...

My husband and I have never done Valentine's day either. Not because we aren't madly in love but because we just don't need the calendar to dictate when we express love to each other. I think its a fun kid holiday but for me, no thanks.

saintseester said...

I am not much of a fan either. And I never thought about the kids tearing through them without reading them. I, too, agonized over those stupid things in school.

I do, however, love a big box of assorted chewy chocolates. And it is A-okay with me if they come in a half-price heartshaped box the day after valentine's.

Brother JimmyEatWorld said...

Ode to Ashlee

Sweatpants, tshirts, pony tails
the wardrobe of choice

Raising children
the unpaid profession

Crying, laughing, ouchies, and gigling
time not lost

looking back who would remiss
and say
I wish I spent less time with the kids
Happy Valentines Day! ;)

Brother JimmyEatWorld said...

oh, and I was the same way at valentines, ie "I would never say THAT to her, I can't give her that one" And then I would get ones from girls and say "Wow, she gave me one that said THAT."

Nice blog and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

i too, love a big box of chewy chocolates... but heck... i buy those for myself whenever the mood strikes...


OHmommy said...

Ohhh... a heart shaped pizza. GREAT idea!

Ashlee said...

Thanks for the poem JEW! You rock! And to think you got all of that from my blog. Scary huh?