Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fiction Friday

Ok, so I'm posting this a little early {because it's only Thursday night}, but I need to move past my whole pitty party post. I almost didn't participate in this after I told Jane that I would. But, I couldn't let her down. Basically the idea here is to get creative and write a fictitious story. Her idea was to use yourself as the main character though. I didn't quite go that route. Maybe next week.
A little disclaimer here! I am not a writer. My creativity was thrown in the garbage yesterday {which is why I almost bagged this whole thing}. kind. Here we go.
It was a warm spring afternoon. The sun was shining brightly and there was not a cloud to be seen in the sky. School was out for the day and all the neighborhood children were running freely throughout the small cul de sac. All the children except for one small stubborn girl. She was five, though, if you asked her, she was 5 ½. Isabella was a tomboy with blonde pig tails and a freckle face. You weren’t allowed to call her that though. She preferred just Bella. It was WAY better than Isabella! You couldn’t help but love her. Unless you were her brother, that is. Christian was one year older than his little sister. Though they truly loved each other, Isabella was a pest. She just wouldn’t leave him alone!
To Christian, ALL girls were just plain gross. They had cooties, and he didn’t want to catch any! So, this warm sunny afternoon, Christian and his friend Sam ran off to play leaving her behind. She never understood why she wasn’t allowed to play with them. They built cool forts and played army men. All she wanted was to be a part of it.
Now, don’t forget this is a stubborn little girl. She wasn’t going to just sit there and take it! She’d show them! But how? What could she do that would get them to really pay attention to her? She was cool too! She sat and thought about it for hours on the curb in front of her house.
“I could tell mom, but she’d just say I was tattling on him and he REALLY wouldn’t let me play with him after that. What about spying on them? I could sneak up to their fort and spy on them! That’s not really playing WITH them though. It’s not fair!” She went on like this until the sun started to go down and her mom called them in for dinner.
Bella gave her brother the silent treatment all night to punish him. Unfortunately, he didn’t even notice which made her even madder. She would get him! Then he would see.
As she was getting dressed for kindergarten the next morning, a little light bulb went off in her head. Yes! She knew what she would do! She had to be careful to make sure it would work. And then, when Christian came home from school, she would show him! She was strong and brave just like boys were!
When she got home from school at noon she hurried and got ready for her surprise. She couldn’t wait. She watched the clock impatiently, wishing time would go faster. She knew today would be the day she’d be able to play in their fort. Finally, three o’clock came and she heard her brother walk in the door. He did the same thing every day when he got home from school. He’d grab a snack and run outside to play with Sam in their fort. Bella waited for him to leave and watched through the front window at Christian entering the fort. Sam was already there. This was HER moment.
She ran outside and headed straight for the fort. Christian and Sam never saw her coming. They looked up when they heard Bella shouting, “WONDER WOMAN!” She was almost to their fort. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Bella was wearing only her Wonder Woman Underoos and her white tennis shoes. Now, to Bella, she had truly become Wonder Woman in her sassy tank top and panties. To the boys, she simply looked crazy. They jumped up and ran off to Sam’s house screaming. Bella chased them the entire way there.
“Ha! I showed you!” She screamed.
The boys stared at her from inside the doorway in disbelief. “You’re in your underwear! That’s so gross!”
Bella didn’t care. She turned around and walked to HER new fort VICTORIOUS. She had won. If they wanted their fort back, she was part of the deal. She got to play too. It was only fair after all.
Based on a true story. :0)


Sister Honey Bunch said...

Girls rule. :)

Good story, Miss Ashlee. Was this really about you when you used to terrorize your brother?

I hope you're feeling better today!

OHmommy said...

I think you did a great job. You are a writer. And girls rock!

Ashlee said...

Me? Terrorize my brother? Never! I threw this together quickly last night remembering when I chased him and his friend in my Wonder Woman Underoos. They were mean! I loved those Underoos though. They were wicked awesome!

Montay said...

You are a crazy girl love the story!!

Cameron said...

They were wicked lame. Everyone knows that Wonder Woman was just a second tier superhero easily defeated by Superman, Batman and He-Man. Heck, even the Thundercats could take her. And don't even make me bring up GI-Joe and Voltron.

janethesane said...

Wonder Woman underoos totally rocked! I am so glad that you participated and didn't let that professor ground you under the boot of oppression.

I loved this story. It totally made me laugh. I had an older sister and I remember sitting on the curb plotting my revenge because she wouldn't play with me.

Whose this Wonder Woman hater named Cameron? Dude, he sounds bitter. Wrong, but strong Cameron! I can't believe he brought up He-Man and the Thundercats.

Sister Sassy said...

You are not allowed to disclaim that you are not a writer, because clearly you are. And I LOVED her, what a fun story! i could see her running angrily with her underoos.

I'm glad you played, you should play every week.

Ashlee said...

Jane, Cameron is Christian. That mean big brother that wouldn't let me play. He's just made because I chased him. :0) And he brings up the Thundercats and He-Man because we totally watched those shows and played pretend like we were them together. He didn't have a brother...he got me instead. :0)

Bonnie B. said...

Lol! Funny story! Fabulous story! You do have talent to write. If I tried to rework a story from my childhood, it would totally not make sense. That may just be your new nickname-WONDER WOMAN!!!

Cameron said...

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats, Hooooooo!

If Liono could defeat Mum-Ra, he could totally take Wonder Woman.

Anonymous said...

could've fooled me... sounds like a writer

Bonnie B. said...

Your brother appears to be very passionate about his superheros...

Brother JimmyEatWorld said...

You are sooooo a writer. Good job and I can't wait till next week to read what cool underwear stories you might have ;)

Ashlee said...

Bonnie-I'd take Wonder Woman as a nickname ANY day!
JimmyEW-Now you can't just assume I have MORE underwear stories. I wasn't like my daughter who runs around daily in her underwear. :0)

Thank you all for all the nice comments! Too bad I had to reveal a little secret from my past to get through the project. ;0)

Jen said...

EXCELLENT entry for Fiction Friday! I wound up missing the deadline at the last minute. I'd been planning to post my entry after work, but my sister called with a last-minute baby sitting request and I missed out. Boo!

Great job!