Tuesday, February 19, 2008

THIS is AMERican idol

First of all...can I just tell you that Ryan Seacrest is really start to annoy me. The way he says that EVERY time is like someone dragging their nails across a blackboard. It's painful.
Anyway...Tonight is when it starts getting good. They've had the horrible auditions, they've gone to Hollywood, and now...it's down to 24. 12 guys and 12 girls left to battle it out. For the next several weeks Idol will air three night a week. One night for the guys to perform, the next for the girls, and then people start getting eliminated.
My overall favorite was already axed in Hollywood week. I was surprised. I mean, if they let Sanjaya through, surely Josiah was Idol material. Josiah has such musical talent. He sings, plays the piano and guitar...he sang a MIKA song for heaven's sake. Sigh. So, I will be searching this week for my new favorite. There is a lot of talent this year and not just the cookie cutter pop stars that can be mass produced. Some unique voices out there. I'm so excited.
So, get ready people! Get your Idol on! And just plug your ears when Ryan Seacrest comes on.


Montay said...

You silly girl I love this show and I think it is so funny when you watch it and then everyone in the room suddenly becomes singing experts Yeah for American Idol

Cameron said...

Did the kid who cried and kicked out the band last week make it?

Ashlee said...

No. That was Josiah. Silly. He was dumb for kicking out the band. Dumb dumb boy. Talented...but dumb. He cried because he lives in a car and was hoping Idol would change that for him.

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Ashlee! I tried all day to comment on this yesterday and couldn't. At one point your word verifier thingy was asking me to write the "f" word (minus the c). Weird.

Anyway, I have Bible study on Tuesdays so I am hoping you're going to give a play-by-play.

Alicia said...

I thought Josiah was a bit over the top, excusing the band was a bit much for me, but I have also missed a few episodes so I am not an expert on it. I do think Simon is getting nicer though, do you think so?

Cameron said...

Josiah had a way better voice than the 17 year old long hair kid that sang last night. I think he sand third to last. Anyway, he stunk and should have been replaced with Josiah. Even Josiah's "bad" song when he kicked out the band was better than what long hair kid has to offer. His voice just isn't that good.

And I should know cause I'm an expert.

Ashlee said...

HB-I am more than happy to accomodate!

Alicia-I agree that Simon is being a little nicer. Not A LOT nicer, because when they stink..he lets them know it still. Which I secretly like.

Cam-Fully agree about Josiah. Jaysen and I had that exact conversation about it last night. Because, we too are experts. :0)