Saturday, February 9, 2008

Basement Update!

Take a stroll with me through my basement....
This is looking down the stairwell. For those of you that have been in my home before you will notice a "slight" change. Like the big hole. :0) Home builders...listen up! All of you that think a sharp right {or left} corner to get into a room is a good idea...YOU ARE WRONG! They did it in my mom's house to. Except it's the upstairs that she couldn't fit her furniture into. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I realize it's easier for you to square off a corner...but if the space becomes "unusable" because of's not smart building! {Picture me stepping off my soap box now}
So, we chopped open the wall and are creating a "banister" there so that we will be able to fit a couch, bed, pool table, etc. THROUGH the new opening. Otherwise, we would all have to sit on the floor.
OK..this is the view from the new doorway. Far end is the storage room I previously told you about as well as MY room. They are TOTALLY framed now as well as the furnace/water heater closet.
This is a close up. Do you see the wires? Yes...the electrical has been "roughed in". I'm using a little construction terminology there. Aren't I cool?

This is the view from MY room. You can see the opening we cut in the wall as well as THE CLOSET. For those of you I have discussed this will get that and have a giggle at my hubby's expense. The rest of you...I would love to share...but not on my blog. Just know that I don't think Jaysen and I will EVER have a house built for us. Too many changes in the plans if you know what I mean.OK, this is the view from the other corner of the main room. THE CLOSET we discussed previously hadn't been framed in when I took this picture on Thursday. But picture it just past that lovely yellow wire hanging from the ceiling. That wire, my friends, is for Jaysen's SURROUND SOUND. Speakers in the ceiling. He tells me it's for the FULL EFFECT. I tell him as long as they don't make the room ugly then WHATEVER! Pick and choose your battles has become my life's motto. Anyway...that short little hallway there leads to two bedrooms and a bathroom.
I didn't post this part of the basement before because nothing had changed. But, this lovely orange room is one of the bedrooms that the previous owners attempted to put in THEMSELVES. Let's just say the walls are bumpy, as well as the ceiling and what's up with that little orange rectangle thingy in the corner? Well...let me tell you. If you open it up...there's a pipe in there. Yes, they put a door on it so you could open it up and see the pipe inside. Smart huh? This room was supposed to be my sanity space after we moved in. My room to attempt to do something crafty. But after loading most of my stuff down there and setting it up...I sat down and realized there was NO WAY I could be creative in a neon orange room with "mood" lighting. Very dark in that room. So, over the last four months most of my things have made their way upstairs and are now in stacks in my dining room. Anyway....this room will be re-sheetrocked and obviously painted a different color. It will be the play room for the wee ones.
This is the other LOVELY room that they attempted to do themselves. Same problem with the walls. Bumpy lumpy. But at least these walls are pink! In this picture it does look like a lovely shade of pink...but don't let the picture fool you. It is NEON pink. They must have done the painting in the 80s. Oh wait! The house isn't that old. So, they must have been trying to still live in that decade. I don't know. Anyway...this will be Landon's bedroom when it is all said and done. So, he wouldn't want it pink will turn blue when it's all done.
This is the bathroom. You can't use it yet. :0) The tub goes in soon and then they can really go to town in there. We can soon go pick out the sink and toilet. Shopping! Too bad it's for a toilet. Sigh.

Anyway...that's my update for the week. It will be a couple more weeks before the next update as my contractor is going out of town for most of next week. We'll miss him and his loud banging noises. :0) But, he's going to be in a construction competition of some sorts down in Florida so I guess it's a reasonable excuse. :0)
Honestly, I just can't wait until the update that says IT'S DONE! I will be singing. Maybe I'll do a video of it! That might scare you though. I don't sing well.


Jane the Sane said...

Wow. That is the orangest room I've ever seen. Good thing they framed (construction term) that pipe in. I am so with you on the sharp corners on stairways. Why do they do that? Thad and I looked at a place and kept looking after because I couldn't see how we would get our bed up the stairs.

Bonnie B. said...

Yay! So exciting that it is getting done! Hehehe..."the closet"...hehe. Those colors are cetainly funky. Was the rest of the house painted that way?

Sister Sassy said...

Yay! Its seeming to come together. You are right about the corner thing, I wouldn't have thougth about that but what a pain huh? I like the banister idea too- that'll look sharp!

Alicia said...

Looking good, can't wait for the next update.

Montay said...

Well well it is coming right along and I can now say I am officialy jelous of the space and how fun will that be can't wait to party down there!!!

Bridget said...

How fun! I would love to have a finished basement. Looks great.

I feel your pain with the stairwell. Our first house in Boston had the same problem. The people we bought the house from had a sofa in the basement they couldn't get out because of it and so they just left it there for us. Nice. We were not happy. The sofa was old, ugly and had mice living in it too.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

It's looking good! And just think of those surround sound speakers - Mr. Darcy's proposals will sound so much more realistic if they're blasting from all corners of the room. That's what I tell myself every time husband wants to update stuff like that. Good for both of us!

Anonymous said...

How smart! I would never have thought about the right-angle bit!

How exciting to watch something come to fruition. Congrats to you on the progress thus far!