Thursday, December 20, 2007

Movie Mania

Holy cow! There are so many good looking movies out right now I want to spend a day at the theater so that I can watch them all. My bum might end up sore...but hey...

I have heard so much about August Rush. Several of my family members have gone to see it and said it was WONDERFUL. So, it's one of those at the top of my list.

Then there is Enchanted. This one just looks super cute. My sister in law, Holly, took her kids to see a few weeks ago and said it was such a good movie, and even her 6 year old son liked it. Landon laughs every time he sees the commercial because the guy gets run over by some bicycles. Boys....sigh. ;0)

I Am Legend looks to be an interesting flick. Great reviews...Will Smith...though I'm not sure about the "creatures" in the film. This is one that Jaysen wants to see too, so I'm sure it will be the one that we actually get to go to. ;0)

Landon is dying to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. I remember Alvin from back in the good old days. I watched the Saturday morning cartoon religiously. It was good stuff! My sister, Melanie, took her kids to see this one last week and said it was really cute. So, maybe over Christmas break we'll get to this one.

And though I know this one has been out for a while, I'd still like to squeeze in Dan in Real Life. It looks cute, but also like you'd get a great laugh out of it.

Quite the list huh? And guess what? I probably won't make it to any of them. Pre-Mackenzee we went out to movies ALL the time. But the time you pay for a babysitter, movie tickets, popcorn and a're out $40. For a movie. So, it better be a pretty dang good movie right? Besides this fact, we are just lame and don't go out anymore. So, these movies will probably not get viewed until Netflix puts them in our mailbox. They are already on my "saved" list. Just in case.....


Alicia said...

I know I want to see Encahnted, Alvin and August Rush. I am not sure we will get to see any though considering Tyler has only Christmas day off and I can't stand the thought of paying full evening prices for a movie.

Bonnie B. said...

I want to see most of those movies, too. But it is so stinking expensive to go to a movie! We usually wait until they come out on dvd.