Thursday, December 27, 2007

Must have been on the nice list....

Because I was spoiled rotten this year for Christmas. I got two of my wish list items, plus other things I couldn't have even wished for!
Santa brought me an iPod (yes, it's true...I didn't have one. Jaysen did, but not me) and now I can take my entire iTunes collection (1500 songs) with me wherever I go. I told Santa not to buy one for me as they are not one of those "needed" items. But, Santa must have thought that I was REALLY good and gave me one anyway. The stinker! He also brought me a new Cricut cartridge (the Mickey font) and I can't wait to be able to use it!
The picture is of me and my Grams...she put on a huge Christmas Eve program (as she does every year) and had me narrate it. The program included caroling, which is what we are doing in this picture. It's one of my favorites from this year. :0) My Grams got us a Grain Mill to grind wheat. I'm excited to try it out. I may just have to go get myself a bread machine here soon. Either that or a REAL bread pan. The one I have has seen better days. ;0)
My sister-in-law Holly got me the pasta machine I was wanting! I'm so excited to whip it out and make some yummy pastas!
And my mom got all of her daughters a beautiful necklace. I'll have to post a picture. Oh! And she made these amazing purses. Out of placemats! I'll post a picture of that one too! They are definitely on my "to do" list. I want to make oodles of them! Seriously! I'm thinking one in every color.
If I didn't post about the gift you gave, it wasn't because I wasn't grateful or that I didn't love it! We were truly spoiled this year and received far more than what was expected. I actually have some Christmas cash burning a hole in my pocket that I need to go spend. I'm thinking I'll be able to go and get the angel for my nativity with it! YAY!
Jaysen got the Guitar Hero game for our new Wii and we've already broke it in. I totally rock...and he's not too shabby himself. ;0) We're thinking we need to get a second guitar so that we can battle each other. Won't that be a fun family home evening? :0)
So, I am dying to know what all of YOU received! Fill me in! I hope you all got a few wish list items as well! For those of you that I "know", you have all been really NICE to me! So, if was up to me you'd all make that list! Can't wait to hear what you got!


Holly said...

By the way, you did a good job narrating everything on Christmas Eve!

Alicia said...

Sounds like a very fun Christmas. I love the idea of a program on Christmas Eve like that, what all is involved?

Ashlee said...

She does something different every year. But usually there are Christmas stories, like this year it was about the symbols of Christmas. And in between each symbol was a song for everyone to sing that has to do with that symbol.