Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I've been busy...

working on this project for Jaysen's mom. She got busy and gutted out her basement several months ago, cleaning out all of her children's stuff, trying to make it useable for the grandkids. She even painted the walls. I was impressed. On Thanksgiving, she told me of her great idea for decor in the basement. She had purchased 5 frames and wanted each family to make a collage of their family to fill their own frame. Does that make sense? Anyway...she had already purchased some paper and stickers with themes of the things her grandkids liked to do (like sports, music, horses, dancing, etc.). She gave me the innards of my frame on Thanksgiving so that I could get going on it. I barely got to it today. Where it's a long frame, I've been trying to figure out exactly how to fill it. My brain doesn't work in "collage mode". I do straight up and down. ;0) I can't help it. And, I knew Rita wanted to showcase her grandkids talents and interests in the frame. But, I think I made it all
work out.
The length of the frame perfectly fit three 12x12 papers, and the width was 11 1/2 inches. So, I figured I would just make three scrapbook pages. I know how to do that. Easy enough right?
Each of my kids got their own page with this years photo and then I shrunk down and cropped three "activity" photos of each kid as well. For Landon, golfing, piano, and soccer. Kenzee was harder because she doesn't "do" stuff. But I found a cute cheesy grin picture, one of her and Toby as she is obsessed with animals, and then a picture of us at tumbling class. The only problem was figuring out what to do on the third page. But, after taking these cute pics of the kids and their grandparents, it was a pretty easy decision.
The only hard part for me was that I was truly limited in how I embellished the page, because unlike a scrapbook page, this has to go behind glass to fit into the frame. So, they are a little bland compared to my usual...but I think they'll work great. Not that I usually get much more elaborate than this :0)
Think she'll like it? I'm hoping so. Also hoping that it doesn't get destroyed by my children before she even gets to see it!

Anyway...I thought I'd share this as I was thinking it would make a wonderful grandma/mom Christmas present. So, for those of you that are still stressing on what to give...this was so easy! The frames are 40% off at Michaels right now. I think they end up being about $20 or so. The scrapbook stuff...we all have! So, it would be rather inexpensive as well!

Happy crafting!


Bonnie B. said...

So cute! You are very creative. Did you print their names, or are those stickers? Anyway, looks fabulous.
PS, I'm cheering for you to win something from the Goodie Box!

Ashlee said...

I used my Cricut to cut out the letters for the names. My handwriting is not that good. ;0)Although the word family was a rub-on. Thanks for rooting for me!

Alicia said...

What a great idea for a collage frame. Very cute and I love the layouts.

Buxton Family said...

I love it! Will you do our for us?

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Thanks for validating my OCD. I like to think it's a good thing. People whose brains don't work this way just don't get it.

I LOVE your scrapbook pages. What a cute idea for a grandma to do. You scrapbook like me - very linear. I like it.