Friday, December 14, 2007

Let's Swap!

Disclaimer: I have attempted to re-align this post six times now. And apparently, Blogger has a mind of its own today because it just crams everything back, I'm sorry.

For girls night last night I hosted a Craft Exchange. I have wanted to post for over a week what I made for it, but didn't want to ruin the surprise for the other ladies coming. And then, I completely forgot to take a you don't get to see what I made.

BUT! You can see all the GREAT stuff that I got from my friends!

Tana made these YUMMY spanish cookies. I forget what she calle them, but they are kind of like a shortbread cookie, cut into a diamond shape, and then completely covered in cinnamon and sugar. They practically melt in your mouth.
Holly went INSANE and crocheted a scarf for each of us. So impressed by that! She is an expert in my book! She said it only took her an hour for each one! An hour! That's it! Anyway, she made three different colors so we could choose which one we liked. They are sooooo soft.
Amy made cute little 5x5 accordian albums for each of us. I knew about this one, because I ran into her at Michaels when she was picking out the paper for them. I got to hand select my paper. Isn't it cute? Mackenzee's pictures will go so cute in it!

Montay got crafty too and made this adorable snow sign with wood blocks. It's perfect as I decorate with snowmen at my house. So, I was super excited to see what she had done. I had no idea she was a toll painter. The things we learn at girls night!

Michelle's was adorable. This is just a little round glass bowl with a styrofoam ball on top. She decorated all of it up with blue felt and buttons and tah dah! The most adorable candy dish I have ever seen! The nose is literally a little wooden carrot.

And last but not least....
Alicia made homemade tree ornaments,
sewed a little cloth tree, and attached the story of the three trees to it all. If you haven't read the really should. A really great Christmas story.

My craft was a coffee can sized tin that I decorated up with snowflake wrapping paper and a 3" snowflake ribbon with a little wooden snowflake charm tied on with white fibers. I filled the inside with soap snowballs. They turned out really cute. Wish I had remembered to take a picture!

Anyway...we had so much fun chatting and eating and swapping. I just love my girls night girls! You all make me laugh. Thanks so much for sharing your talents and yourselves with me!


Alicia said...

I had so much fun and loved the evening, thanks for all the work you always go to, I love it!

Bonnie B. said...

Oooo...looks like fun! And lots of fun loot to take home!