Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Super Cute!

So, I found this idea on another blog I look at and decided they might be fun to use for prizes at Landon's class party tomorrow. They turned out soooo super cute. Don't you think?

It's Rudolph if you didn't catch on. I think they're pretty self's how ya do it.

Wrap a Hershey bar in kraft paper. Glue on google eyes, pompom nose and pipe cleaner antlers. Tie a ribbon around it for a bow and tah dah!

I just finished them. Why on earth did I decided this would be a great idea to do the DAY BEFORE his class party? Because I'm insane. I've decided this just now. I'm not even finished getting the stuff for the games together, but hey! Let's make 24 Rudolph candy bars....why not? I think I need help. And a muscle relaxer.

I'm going to bed now.


Anonymous said...

WOW you are a super mom how dang cute are they we just spent a bundle on loot bags for Coles clss and they are no where as cute as these are way to go Ashlee!!!

Bonnie B. said...

I love this idea. I don't think I could get that ready in time for the whole class, but a cute gift to deliver to their friends! Way to go, Super Mom!