Friday, December 14, 2007

Open House!

Hello all! I am over at my mom's house right now helping her out with her Christmas Open House. If you've read my blog know that she is a Consultant for Suzanne Products. Which is food, jewelry, beauty products, and more! The food is delicious, I make the dips frequently, and I own several pieces of jewelry (which means they are affordable!) and I have fallen in love with the Night Serum as it is making my laugh lines smaller. (I haven't been enjoying this aging process!)
Anyway...her open house is at HER house today from noon until 6:00 pm as well as tomorrow from noon until 6:00 pm. Though I will only be here today. ;0) Me and Kenzee will be hanging out for a while. There are lots of great gift ideas here and gift baskets already made up.
To get to my moms house, follow Addison west (towards Filer) and take a left at 2600 E. mile. Go down two miles and take a right. You'll go down about a 1/4 of a mile and there is a little cul de sac to your left. Her house is the second house on the right. Call my cell phone if you need better directions.
OR if you want to order something but can't come, you can go to my mom's website and order directly from there. Though you won't see my happy face or be able to come and eat all this yummy food we've made with the products...or try on the get the idea. ;0)


Bonnie B. said...

Wow! I've never even heard of "Suzanne Products". I absolutely love the green quilted bag on page 16 of the cataloge. And the food looks so yummy. What's your favorite? What is your favorite dip? And, sometime when I can work it into the budget, I just might purchase some facial care products. Thanks for the intro! Wish I would have seen this earlier today, I would have come the the open house!

Ashlee said...

To be honest, picking a favorite dip is hard. So, I like to buy the assortment. My hubby favors the salsa dip mix, so I also buy that one in a box by itself. The rubs are yummy too. If you rub the meat and cook it in the simmer the crock pot...super easy and so yummy. We made chicken wings like that after Thanksgiving and they were so yummy! I love that green bag too! Back a year ago when I was still hauling around a diaper bag it was on my wish list :0)
The open house is today (Saturday) as well from noon to 6!