Monday, July 28, 2008

Vacations and Psychology....that's why!

I'm just realizing it's been almost a week since I last posted. But, honestly guys...I got nothin'. My brain is on overload.

I'm getting ready for our big family vacation up to Boise this weekend. Four days of non-stop f-u-n, FUN! A train ride featuring a Wild West Shoot Out, a BBQ at my sister's house, Roaring Springs Water Park, Boondocks Family Fun Center, Jaysen's Day 'O Golf, Lots of shopping, and swimming in the pool at the hotel will be part of our big adventure. I think Jaysen has Sunday night's dinner lined up for us as well at his aunt and uncle's house. SWEET!

The OCD in me is making my lists, and checking them make sure I know exactly what should be packed and purchased and loaded in the car. I will still forget never fails. But at least I will have tried. :0) The car needs an oil change and a good gutting so that we can refill it with more stuff for this trip. I haven't emptied it since the family reunion. It's scary in there. :0)

Beyond these preparations, I am attempting to get this week's school work done in record time along with part of next week's assignments done so that when we get back LATE Tuesday night I will not have to worry about posting Tuesday's assignment. These "fun" school preparations include writing the introduction and conclusion to my research paper on how Antidiscrimination Laws are a form of discrimination themselves. {Don't get me started...I could go on and on...} as well as learning all about the sexual development of humans and sexual psychology. Good times....If you have any questions as to that....please don't ask me. I've read it, I'm done with it...heaven knows I don't want to know one more thing about the male anatomy and how the "bits and pieces" work. SERIOUSLY. Guys are just gross! :0)

I was going to post about my new hair color. Yes, I did it again....from blonde to brown and now to my new shade {which is thankfully going to wash out in 26 more days}. It's a little scary, though everyone is being really nice and telling me how much they like it. I think they're lying. But I appreciate it. Because I have 26 more days of it. :0) Why haven't I posted about this? Because I haven't taken a picture yet. I really meant to do it yesterday when I was all cute for church, but I never got to it. So, you will all just have to imagine it until I get one taken. :0)

So, for now, you will have to deal with this long boring post about how I can't think of something for real to post about. OK? I'll work on something more create for later. Or maybe not. We'll see how I do with adolescent egocentrism. Several assignments on that glad I don't have a teenager yet. Oh yeah....

2 comments: said...

hi ashlee ~ hope you have a great time. and if you have any problems falling asleep at night, just pull out that book on ... hahaha

take care girl, kathleen

Holly said...

Have fun! Your hair really does look great...I'm not just trying to be nice!