Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Personally, I think....

All right, I promised descriptions, so I must deliver. You guys do want to know what your results from yesterdays test actually mean right?

Good at solving problems and developing systems. You are analytical and like to explore ideas and potentials. You tend to go beyond established boundaries seeking a "universal truth". You should find time to reflect independantly on life. You work better independently too.
Words to describe your personality: technical, scientific, mathematical, dispassionate, rational, analytical, logical, theoretical, intellectual, objective, quantitative, explicit, realistic, literal, precise, and formal.

You operate successfully within social structures. YOu are responsible, efficient, and reliable. You pay attention to details and like to keep things neat and organized. You have a strong sense of loyalty, history, culture, and dignity. You always follow through with tasks. You thrive in a well-structured, stable environment.
Words to describe your personality: tactical, planning, detailed, practical, confident, predictable, controlled, dependable, systematic, structured, conservative, disciplined, procedural, and administrative.

You are honest and authentic. You are successful in your close relationships and want to make a difference in the world. You have cultivating potential of yourself and of others. You have the gift of negotiation and manipulation, and like to use these gifts to promote peace. You are open in your communication with others. You should put energy into your most important relationship and seek out groups and tasks that involve helping people.
Words to describe your personality: Interpersonal, emotional, caring, sociable, giving, spiritual, musical, romantic, feeling, peacemaker, trusting, adaptable, passionate, harmonious, idealistic, talkative, and honest.

You are courageous and daring. You tend to live in the present, liking spontaneity and action. You are a "hands-on" problem solver and have the ability to negotiate with others. You are flexible and have a zest for life. You don't like to do things the traditional way. You should seek people whom you find stimulating, even if you disagree with their viewpoints.
Words to describe your personality: active, visual, risking, original, artistic, spatial, skillful, impulsive, experimental, fast-paced, competitive, imaginative, open-minded, and

So, do the descriptions fit you? What do you think? And, I'm going to have to give you all another chance, because none of you got me JUST RIGHT. REmember....all four personality descriptions in the right order from most like me to least like me.

Am I thinker, organizer, giver, adventurer?

Or am I an organizer, giver, adventurer, thinker?

Or am I something else? I have a fabulous prize picked out for you! I can't wait to put it in the mail! :0) One of you was on the right track......

So, tell me what you think. About the results and about what you think my results were. Do you think the test is factual?


Sister Honey Bunch said...

I'm telling you, you are:

Organizer, Giver, Thinker, Adventurer

Ashlee said...

You make me laugh so hard Honey Bunch. :0) But you are still wrong. VERY CLOSE though.

Montay said...

Okay ashlee I say a T,O,G,A

Yes I am right aren't I !!!!

Anonymous said...

so your organizer, giver, adventurer, thinker. I think that mine fits almost perfect.


Ashlee said...

No winners so far! :0) It's interesting to see all of your takes on my personality. :0)

Pineapple Princess said...

I don't know you personally so I won't even try. Thanks for stopping by and yes, it WAS worth it.

Pineapple Princess said...

PS I love your music!

Alicia said...

You are an Organizer, Thinker, Giver Adventurer.

Jane the Sane said...

Yesterday I said:

Organizer, Giver, Thinker, Adventurer.

Ha ha, which a lot of people chose today. If that is wrong I am switching over to:

Organizer, Giver, Adventurer, Thinker

Jane the Sane said...

I forgot...I think the descriptions are very interesting. I think my test was pretty close to accurate. I WISH I was Giver, Organizer, Adventurer, Thinker, but alas, 'tis not so.

Are you going to tell us how to balance ourselves or do we have to pay for therapy to do that?

Bridget said...

From what I know of you , it sounds right on!