Saturday, April 26, 2008

Flashback Friday Week 7: The Late Edition

Sorry....I know I missed last weeks flashback, and I'm a day late this week. It's been crazy! Just read back to last week and you'll understand. :0) This week, well...if you really must know, I had to write a paper on Capital Punishment. No, that is not what this post is about. If you want to discuss controversial issues, hop on over to my brother's blog. He's all over that, and honestly, I think he's jealous that I'm taking this class and he's not. :0)

Anyway...we last left off in 5th grade and Combes, TX where I almost got beat up. Remember now? We moved that summer to Harlingen, TX and I went to Austin Elementary for my 6th grade year. Again....I don't remember my teachers' names. We rotated classrooms, so I had four teachers. My english teacher was my most memorable one, and she is the reason I'm so anal when it comes to english. I got an 89 every. single. report card. An 89! Not an A, a B+! Sigh. She was STRICT with her english and I had to memorize every single preposition and dissect

Sixth grade was when I discovered boys. Sigh. Cute boys....Cody, Lance, Michael....yeah. Cute. Secret crushes. They could NEVER know! :0)

For school the sixth grade had to group up and make up dances to songs from the 50s. So, me and my friends made up a dance to:

"Chantilly Lace and a pretty face, A pony tail, hanging down.
A wiggle and a walk, A giggle and a talk
Makes the world go round
There ain't nothin' in the world like a big eyed girl
Makes me act so funny, makes me spend my money
Makes me feel real loose, like a long necked goose

Only a few of the groups were selected to perform at the school carnival, and my group was one of those selected. After that we were asked to make up another dance and perform it at one of the teacher inservice meetings after school.

That summer was the first year I got to go to girls camp. I wasn't quite birthday was the week after camp, but they allowed me to go anyway. My mom was the Stake YW President, so she was there, and my older sister was a 4th year, AND my dad was there too. So, it wasn't like I was going off alone or anything. But it was so fun! :0) Unfortunately, our camp {remember this is in Texas} was in tarantula territory and so they were EVERYWHERE! At night when we'd have to go from our cabin to the bathrooms to brush our teeth, we'd have to shine the flashlight at our feet to keep from stepping on them. I remember hearing girls scream as they'd see one come close. It was creepy! The cabin next to ours had one get inside. THEY LET IT STAY IN THERE TOO! Weirdos! My friend, Melanie, and I found one outside of our cabin one day and threw rocks at it until it was dead. It was NOT getting inside our cabin. No way....jose! We then buried it...because my 11 year old little brain was sure that if Mr. Spider's friends came along and saw what we did...they would come and get us. Did I mention I have arachnaphobia? :0)

That summer my family also decided to move to Idaho. Though it was exciting to think we would be living next to cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents....I was really sad to leave my friends behind. This time, not only were we moving, but it was a 2000 mile difference. And I was going into Jr. High this time. So, the thought of finding new friends in Jr. High was even scarier.

5 comments: said...

hi ashlee -- adorable.

creepy spiders. too big for my liking. so funny that you buried it so his friends wouldn't see what you had done to it.

i LOVED all my years of girls' camp ... the fondest childhood/youth memories are from those times, especially from adventurer year.

thanks for making me think of it again tonight. and one of the funniest moments from that last year of camp was when a couple of us old girls got into a 7/up fight (like a food fight) w/one of our leaders and she let us. it was a riot ... fun moment, especially since this was a leader who didn't let loose so much ... so this was extra special to see her relax a bit and have fun with us.

night night, kathleen

ps. so glad i don't have to give a talk tomorrow :). but last week was such a good experience. opps, i am filling up your comment area tooooo much. he he.

Jane the Sane said...

Yikes. Tarantulas!

Melanie said...

I forgot that you got to go to girl's camp that year too. I often tell the story of the year of the's such a good story how can you not share it with other! :o)

Buxton Family said...

Yes, girls camp in Texas. There is nothing else like it. Luckily I haven't ran into a tarantula yet! Several snakes...and a very funny story I'll tell you later. I'm glad you are done with your paper. I've missed your posts.

Cameron said...

Oh, boo hoo. You had tarantulas while you camped in a cabin.

I of course, got to sleep in a tent. And we had 4 huge red ant hills in our campground.

Being Boy Scouts, we dealt with them properly. We got our camp shovel and dug up two ant hills and dropped them on a third hill and watched red ant WWIII. It was awesome. Those things are vicious!