Thursday, April 10, 2008

And the results are in!


That's me being sad, if you didn't catch on. My very first contest to win a prize on my blog and it fails. *Sniff* Nobody guess me right. I guess I talk too much about my OCD. :0)

I am.....a GOAT. That's right. Or, even a GOTA. Either guess would have won some yummy chocolate. The last two personalities were tied at 14. Giver was a 28 and Organizer was a 24. So, Giver barely beat out Organizer.

There was a question on how to be more balanced. My text says this:

"Build skill areas that don't come so easily to you." If you are an adventurer and NOT an organizer, you should focus on organization and follow-through. Slow down a bit. Not saying that you should give up who you are, but if you are wanted to be more well rounded, this is how to do it.

For me....I need to learn to be more flexible. THAT'S HARD! I like routine, and veering off the plan stresses me out. But, some spontaniety is fun and will probably help to loosen me up a bit. {I know the hubby would like that a little better!} AND, I need to try to be a more abstract thinker. Meaning...think outside the box. I don't even know how to start doing that one. My brain doesn't work that way AT ALL. I don't even usually process that there might be something beyond the established boundaries. Sigh.

This personality test was geared more for how you should apply yourself. If you know WHO you are {based on the results on the previous post} you know HOW you are. Does that make sense? You now know what to do to make things easier for you, and what just won't work out for you. :0)

ANYWAY....what do you think of my results? It was interesting for me to see your take on my personality. I realize most of you only get to know me based on what I write about. But, now you know...I'm emotional, I talk too much, I trust too much, I'm a romatic at heart, and I love music {but you already knew that last part}. And yes, I'm an organizer too. I love that I am predictable. How lame is that? People pretty much know what to expect of me. I may get mocked for it {and I do} but, most aren't too surprised. {Except for Montay, who is probably getting to know a little bit TOO much about my quirkiness. She may not want to be my friend anymore.} :0)


janethesane said...

Ohhh...a goat! Of course :)

For your next contest can we do something easier? Favorite color? Calculus? Something like that?

Montay said...

Go jane I say just a bit easyer for us lame o blogers who can't guess that well sigh... and what is this except for Montay stuff girl you got some splannin to do

Shannon said...

WOW, interesting test. it was fun seeing the results, but, a GOAT! OK, I was close:)

Alicia said...

As you explain it, it makes sense, you are a giver.