Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That...

So, do you all remember reading about this? I turned in two different brackets this year. I played against my brother in his group and against my hubby in his group.

And....the results are in!

I totally beat my brother. TOTALLY. He had picked UCLA to win, so he lost out when they did in the final four. :0) I actually won first place in that group! Yahoo! Me! A girl! Who knows nothing about these teams! That's right. I'm rubbing it in, Cam. {He told me I suck, I think he's just jealous}

As far as the hubby's group...there were 20 of us that turned in a bracket. When it got down to the final game, the scores were tallied to see who would be competing for the $100 pot {yes, we totally put our $5 in on this one...so sue us!} It turned out that it was between Jaysen and myself {I was tied with his dad} Crazy huh? So, yeah. We had the game on last night and I was rooting for my team, and he was cheering on his team. At the end of the game I asked him if he wanted to up the ante a little bit because the score was so close. He refused. {chicken!}

Turned out he should have. He was rooting for Kansas and his dad and I were hoping that Memphis would win. And, if you watched the game, you know that Kansas beat the Tigers in overtime. :0( That's ok though. :0) Again...this year I came in second place! Out of 20! A bunch of guys who think they know it all about basketball lost to me! :0) Again...yes, I am gloating. :0)

Now...for a little bit of THAT. :0)

I wish they had this test online for you to take, but I couldn't find it. So, you'll have to take it the way I did. I had to do this for school and thought it was rather interesting. :0) Basically rank order all 4 respsonses to each question from MOST LIKE YOU (4) to LEAST LIKE YOU (1) so that for each question you use the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 one time each. Place numbers next to the responses.

4=Most like me 3=More like me 2=Less like me 1=Least like me

1. I like instructors who

  • (a)tell me exactly what is expected of me.
  • (b)make learning active and exciting
  • (c)maintain a safe and supportive classroom
  • (d)challenge me to think at higher levels

2. I learn best when the material is

  • (a)well organized
  • (b)something I can do hands-on
  • (c)about understanding and improving the human condition
  • (d)intellectually challenging

3. A high priority in my life is to

  • (a)keep my commitments
  • (b)experience as much of life as possible
  • (c)make a difference in the lives of others
  • (d)understand how things work

4. Other people think of me as

  • (a)dependable and loyal
  • (b)dynamic and creative
  • (c)caring and honest
  • (d)intelligent and inventive

5. When I experience stress I would most likely

  • (a)do something to help me feel more in control of my life
  • (b)do something physical and daring
  • (c)talk with a friend
  • (d)go off by myself and think about my situation

6. I would probably not be close friends with someone who is

  • (a)irresponsible
  • (b)unwilling to try new things
  • (c)selfish and unkind to others
  • (d)an illogical thinker

7. My vacations could be described as

  • (a)traditional
  • (b)adventuresome
  • (c)pleasing to others
  • (d)a new learning experience

8. One word that best describes me is

  • (a)sensible
  • (b)spontaneous
  • (c)giving
  • (d)analytical

Ok...now add up the total points for each letter.

A= B= C= D=

Which letter has the biggest number?

  • A=Organizer
  • B=Adventurer
  • C=Giver
  • D=Thinker

So, what personality type are you? I'll post the descriptions of your personality type tomorrow. :0) Mine was spot on! It was crazy. It also shows you your "low" areas. Things you can work on so that you can become a "well balanced person". I don't know if I will ever be WELL BALANCED, but hey...

So, what do you think my personality type is? How about we make it a game? Whoever guesses my first, second, third and then fourth personality types {in the correct order} FIRST wins a PRIZE! Oh yeah!

Am I a thinker? It's been getting pretty deep around here lately! Am I an organizer? We all know I have OCD problems. :0) Or how about a giver? I do love to help other people. Or maybe I'm an adventurer....me and my daughter go on Dora Adventures all the time! :0) What do you think?

Can't wait to see what you guys guess. And I want to know your results too! All four! Then I'll really KNOW you, right? :0) Happy quizzing!


Jen said...

I was Organizer, Thinker, Giver, Adventurer. Hmmm.... I'd guess you're Giver, Organizer, Adventurer, Thinker? How'd I do??

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I am going to say, Miss Ashlee, that you are First and Organizer and Second a Giver.

I am Adventurer, Giver, Organizer, Thinker.

Anonymous said...

I am a giver, then organizer, then adventurer, and last thinker. Which is really true because I hate to have to think. Ashlee I would have to say you are organizer, giver, thinker and last adventurer. Rachelle

~Virginia~ said...

from what i've read on your blog, i think you're a giver 1st. :)

Montay said...

Okay I hope I did this right but how ar eyou supposed to answer what other think of you ie.. #4 so I skipped that one ANYWAY I am a organizer,adventurer, thinker, giver.. Interesting:)

Now for my bud Ashlee hummm
I will say

Let us know how we did.

utmomof5 said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog -- I am all for no more shaving of legs!! I don't think my hubby would like it so much or anyone who sees me in shorts or capris but to heck with them!!

I quit doing brackets a few years ago because I suck at them so bad!! Good job on your winnings!!!

Jane the Sane said...

I think you are Organizer, Giver, Thinker, Adventurer.

I am a Thinker,Organizer, Giver, Adventurer

Jane the Sane said...

Oh yeah, all that sports stuff made my eyes water.

Shannon said...

I'll guess
Organizer, giver, adventurer, thinker

Kelly said...

Mine said, thinker, giver, adventurer, then organizer. Probably why I tell myself I should put away all the clean clothes that are currently blocking my use of the treadmill, but I never actually get around to it.

Cameron said...

You only won because you picked the higher seeds because you have no idea about anything, but it just so happened that for the first time ever all the high seeds made the final four. You'll get yours next year. It is so on.

Alicia said...

I am an Organizer, Thinker and Giver were tied and last Adventurer, and I would imagine you are about the same and I want you to know I did this before reading today's post, so now I am going to read today's.