Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More tagging...

Because I know you ALL want to know more about me, and obviously Shannon does because she tagged me, I am playing along. :0)

Ashlee's Top 5 Favorites

Five places to visit before I die:

Paris, Rome, Ireland, New York, Australia

Five Salad Toppings:

peas, cucumber, carrot, grape tomato, dressing {duh!}

Five Fiction Books:

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse {:0)}

Kingdom and the Crown Series

{that's a total of six books people!}

Five Favorite Shoes:

Jaysen got these for me for Christmas several years back and they are still my favorite. I wished for them longingly as we went Christmas shopping and he went back and got them for me. Such a good guy!

I have worn these shoes so much they just need to go in the garbage. I've only had them for one year, but they are so comfy. They look really cute with my jeans too. But, if you look closely at the toe, you can see the color has faded....yeah....I just can't part with them though. :0)

These are just cute. How can I not love them?

Sassy flip flops...I have a few pairs. Perfect for the summertime, which better be right around the corner. I'm soooo ready!

Wait...what's that? That's only four pairs of shoes and you know I have over 40? My most favoritest pair of shoes are.....{drumroll} NONE! I'd rather go barefoot. If I could get away with it {and I knew the floors everywhere were clean} I'd go without shoes every day. I don't like my feet to be confined. In fact, I haven't worn socks {Except to go bowling} for over a year. I wear shoes that don't require socks so I don't have to. I can't handle it. Sweaty feet...yuck!

Five Hobbies:

Photography, Scrapbooking, eating, reading, baking :0)

Five people to tag:

This is hard for me because I just tagged a whole bunch of people...
But I will tag
Honey Bunch {they count as two right?}
Bonnie B.

Have fun all of you! :0) Can't wait to hear about your shoes! :0)


The Orton's said...

Hi Ashlee - thanks for your comments on my blog. I appreciate that you do comment instead of popping in and then out again. We have a mutual friend Alicia - we knew each other around the 12-14 yr. range. I love her. Thanks again for stopping by!!! Becky

Shannon said...

Hey, thanks for playing along. I enjoyed your responses and loved the shoes :)

Sister Sassy said...

Funny you counting us as two! ok, I'll do your tag, give me a little time.

Love the shoes, but man-garbanzos are the best! Put them on your salad.

Jane the Sane said...

Everyone has more shoes than me *pout*

Anonymous said...

So I did the tag but didn't know anyone to tag. So I forgot about Australia or that would have definatly been on mine.

Alicia said...

I love your shoe collection, have to admit, I am very jealous of it. Great picks.

Cameron said...

You have lots of shoes.