Friday, March 14, 2008

Fiction Friday Chapter 2 prevent what happened last week...I will repeat....this is just a story. This did not happen to me. I made it up...I actually dreamed it up. Anyway...this is a part of Fiction Friday brought to you by Jane the Sane. This is Part II of the story I started last week. If you didn't read it, this part will not make sense, so I suggest you click on the link and go back and read it.
For those of you that did read last weeks' installment, this week Chapter is rather boring in comparison. For me, a good story grabs you from the very beginning. You get stuck in the book because you have gained a connection to the characters from the first few paragraphs. But, there are also parts that have to be explained. Here's some explaining of the next few hours after the scene in the waiting room. Sorry it's not more exciting....
What have I gotten myself into? That was the question that was continually running through my head. I was not a spontaneous person. I was the exact opposite, in fact. I required order in all things. I NEEDED it to keep my sanity.
I looked down at the little bundle still snuggled inside of my purse. His face was a reminder of the enraged man I left at the doctor’s office. The reason I had done what I felt was necessary. But now what? I looked in the back seat where my son, Noah, and daughter, Belle, were buckled in. They were oblivious to what had just happened. I was grateful for this. How would I explain it to them? Would I be able to explain it to them? How was I going to tell their father? Would the police come for me? I was truly at a loss.
One thing I knew for sure, I needed to make sure this baby was properly taken care of for however long he was in my care. He started to fuss and I realized he hadn’t eaten anything yet.
“Hey kids! Should we stop off at Target?” I asked.
“Aw, mom! Do we have to? How many things are we getting?” My son hated shopping with me. He always asked that last question so he could keep track of what went into my cart. As soon as I had reached the number he was given, he expected the shopping to be done.
“I only have to grab a couple of things. If you’re good we can get Happy Meals for lunch.” I prayed he would go for it so I wouldn’t have to deal with further arguments. I just couldn’t handle the extra stress of whining children on top of everything else. Thankfully I heard a shout of excitement come from both kids as I pulled into the parking lot of the store.
It was then that Noah heard the baby fussing in my bag. “Mom, what’s that noise? It sounds like a baby crying.”
Should I play dumb? Be honest? What do you tell a 6 year old? “Um…yes. My friend asked me to watch her baby for a little bit. He must have woken up. Should we buy him something in the store to make him happy?”
“A baby? Oh. What should we buy it?” he asked.
“Mommy! I want to see the baby!” My daughter started grabbing at my bag. All I wanted to do was get through the store quickly and get this baby home. As much as I loved my kids, their normally cute questions were making me feel panicky.
“Oh, Belle, the baby is so sad. Let’s let him snuggle in mommy’s bag until we get home. Ok? Remember, be good and we’ll go get nuggets!” I prayed she’d let it go. Thankfully, Noah started talking about what toy they would get in their Happy Meals and the conversation was over.
We walked into the store and grabbed a cart. I placed my bag in the front seat and hoped we’d make it through the store without any further complications. With my kids, that usually never happened. I begged the kids to keep up as I speed walked toward the baby section. I walked up and down each aisle filling my cart up as I walked.
“Let’s see…bottles, diapers, wipes, formula, binkies, bibs….what else do we need?” I realized then that this poor baby was naked and sitting in my purse. I could only imagine what he had done in my jacket. “Clothes…he’s going to need some clothes.” I grabbed a package of sleepers and headed for the checkout. The baby started crying loudly then. What would I tell people if they asked about this baby in my purse? I said a silent prayer asking for help as I ripped open the package of binkies and popped one in his mouth. He chewed hungrily on it, but thankfully he quieted down.
“What an adorable baby! How old is he?” The salesclerk was only trying to be nice, but I had no time for chit chat.
“Oh, thank you. He’s a new one!” I tried to play off his age as I silently thought, “He’s one hour old, why do you ask?” I quickly paid for my items and rushed the cart over to the bathrooms. “Noah! Stay right here with the cart, ok? I’m going to take the baby and Belle into the bathroom so that I can make a bottle for the baby to eat.”
I pulled out the package of bottles and formula and carried them along with my purse into the bathroom. Thankfully the bathroom was empty. I quickly made a bottle for the baby. That binky was only going to satisfy him for so long.
“Alright kids, let’s get out of here.” We walked out to the car and I unloaded the purchases in the trunk. I drove across the street to get the Happy Meals and then parked in the parking lot to let them eat while I fed the baby and got him dressed. He was so small and my heart was so sad for him. His first hours of life were already full of grief.
“What’s the baby’s name mommy?” Belle asked with a mouth full of chicken nuggets.
“What do you think he should have for a name?” I asked.
“Eric.” She said matter of factly. I should have known she would pick that name. Her favorite movie was The Little Mermaid. She absolutely adored Prince Eric.
“You know what? That’s what his name is! Isn’t that silly?” I figured it was as good of a name as any. Eric finished his bottle and stared at me with his big brown eyes. “Let’s go home guys. Mommy is tired.” I placed Eric back inside of my purse. I’d have to get out the old car seat when we got home.
“Is he coming home with us?” Belle asked. “Can he stay in my room?”
“Yes, sweetie. He’s coming home with us. How about I let him stay in my room though?”
Georgia Watkins and her granddaughter were total strangers but I had never felt closer to people I knew nothing about. I knew I had to find her, no matter the cost.


Momma Mary said...

I'm hooked!! You're going to have a novel -- or at least a long-short story by the time you get done with this! ;)

Shannon said...

Great chapter 2. Keep it up and you'll have us all hooked. Have a good weekend.

janethesane said...

Not boring at all. I can't wait to see where it goes. Keep dreaming!

Sister Sassy said...

Thats funny, I was going to say "Not boring at all" too!

Its very good Ashlee :)

I have written a short story based on my dreams, but usually they are of the horror genre. Funny what our heads come up with when he are asleep. said...

hi ashlee! ooo, that cracked me up how your people wrote "not boring at all!!!" i am just giggling here. i am loving the fiction friday stuff. i will be back! thanks for nudging me girl, kathleen :) said...

are you going to write more to this story? cause i want to hear what happens next. :) they feel real to me .. your characters. cool.

hey, thanks for the comments about MY fiction friday, too. very appreciated. it felt so neat to write romance fiction for my first time. the last time i wrote fiction, it was murder fiction and that was a blast, too. see you next time, kathleen :)

Bonnie B. said...

Yeah, that was just as good as last week! You definitely have a knack for this. When you are a rich and world famous author, I will be able to say "Yeah, I know her. We used to do girls night together!"

Cameron said...

Good story. Keep it going.