Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flashback Friday: Early Edition Week 4

Ok, where to go from here? I know you were all wowwed by my mad singing/dancing skills I told you about last week. :0)

We moved a lot when I was little. First from Utah to South Padre Island, TX and then to Port Isabel to get off the Island and then to Los Fresnos, TX for a more "permanent" residence. Los Fresnos was in Cameron County, which is humorous because that's my brothers name and the town was named this because of the Fresnos trees (ASH trees) that are all over down there. :0) We moved into a cute little house in a nice neighborhood. I had to share my room with my little sister, but back then we still had a grand time playing with each other. It wasn't until we hit puberty that the fighting really started. :0)

What I remember most about Los Fresnos.....let's see. We had cable. It's the first time I remember having this. We probably had it before, but I was not conscious of it. I remember loving the Disney Channel. It wasn't like it is now. It was old Mickey Mouse Cartoons and the Mickey Mouse Club. They played the older Disney non-animated movies too like Pollyanna. I loved to watch them. We also had HBO. :0) Do you remember the movie Madonna played in, I think it was called Who's That Girl? Yes, this 8 year old watched that movie on HBO. this house I helped a neighbor girl with her lemonade stand. We made some dough. People actually turned around and came back to buy our "from concentrate" lemonade. It was THAT good. :0) Since we lived in Texas, it wasn't odd to have a pool in your backyard. We did not have one, but my friend Rachel did. Actually, now that I look back on it, I think we were more friends simply because she had that pool. I loved it. So naughty of me.

I went to Los Fresnos Elementary School. My teacher Mrs. B lived in my neighborhood too. She had a gray streak in her hair but she wasn't old. :0) The principal was a BIG lady who was really nice, and the vice prinicpal was this guy that everyone was scared of. Back in those days it was still ok to be given spankings by the principal if you were bad. I remember listening over the intercom one day to the principal letting all of us know that the VP had just gotten a new gun that he would be using for spankings, so watch out! Isn't that horrible? A gun? To spank? Good thing I was a good little girl.

Third grade rocked. I remember enjoying it. We did a little musical in my class...Stone Soup. You know that one? I got to be one of the main villagers that turned away the soldiers. "We're sorry you two, not a thing we can do. There's no room for you and we're feeling so blue...." Catchy huh? I sang it as a duet with my "husband" in front of our carboard house. :0) I was good. :0)

Living so close to the Mexican border, we could travel to Matamoros whenever we wanted. It seemed that whenever family came to visit, we always made a trip down there. It was truly boring for an 8 year old. The adults went shopping and us kids had to tag along. It smelled a lot like leather because of all the different things that were sold there that were made out of leather. From what I can remember, Matamoros was basically a big Swap Meet. Lots of little stands to buy things in. My baptism dress was purchased in Matamoros. My Grandma bought it for me on one of her visits there. I loved it. It was all white and had lace on it.

It actually looked very similar to this dress, except kill the ugly yellow waistband and add elastic so it cinched in the middle. :0) I was sassy. Definitely sassy. :0)


Cameron said...

Wow, you were a hot 8 year old.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh the good old Mickey Mouse Club!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I loved the old disney cartoons too. And Pollyanna love that movie my oldest daughter loves it too!

Thanks for coming by my blog! :)

~Virginia~ said...

i accidentally drove to the matamoros border last month during my trip to south padre. i got all the way to the border patrol gates when i had to let them know that i didn't mean to cross the border...i made a wrong turn! they very nicely let me back up and turn around...much to the annoyance of the people in line behind me. :)

Bonnie B. said...

I love old Disney music! We never did have cable when I was little. I love that you are doing a flashback series. My childhood was not that exciting

Alicia said...

Fun memories, cute dress. We never had cable either, Bonnie, Ashlee, you were so lucky.