Monday, March 24, 2008

Basement Update

It's been awhile since I posted pics of the ongoing stress in my life right I thought I'd share the progress. For me, it's going really slow. But that's because I'm SO ready to get down there. Patience is not one of my strong points. :0) The clutter in my upstairs is just about to drive me crazy. So, that doesn't help either. Sigh. I Will Survive!!!!
Here is the view from the bottom of the stairwell. He's got this whole area mudded and taped.
Here is the same room from the opposit corner. There is THE closet, the tv room back in the corner there, and off to the right is the water heater closet.
This is my room. It has been mudded and taped as well.
This is what we were going to initially have be the storage room. But, after seeing how wide it is, {you can't tell from this picture} it's going to be the temporary computer room. Just for the desk and the filing cabinet. I'm on the computer a lot more now {No, not just because of blogging! I have other work I do online} and Kenzee requires that I be in the same room as her ALWAYS. So, it wasn't smart to keep the computer upstairs, when all of her toys and the tv were going to be moved downstairs. This little cubby room will be perfect for a little while until she gets out of this phase and it will keep me sane. :0)
Ok, I know this is not a picture of one of the rooms in my basement, but I just have to add it in here. Brandon actually walks ON these things. And he doesn't fall. It's to give him the extra height he needs to get to the top of the walls, but wow! I'd have so many bruises from falling. :0)
Moving along here....this is the tv room. The wall on the left with the silver lines on it is THE closet. Just so you know where we're at here. :0) This part still needs mudded and taped.
This is a new edition to the basement. Since Jaysen required that we have a closet in the basement, it made for a little "left over" room between framing that would have gone unused. So, Jaysen decided that we needed to make it into a little shelving unit for all of his DVDs.'s not that it's a bad idea. Because it's not...It's's the mancave. Sigh.
This is the kids playroom. The wall to the right the divider between this room and the tv room.
Here is Landon's bedroom. Only a trace of the awful orange is left. :0) If you look out the doorway here, you can see into the kids playroom and off to the left is the doorway to the bathroom. Are you picturing it?
And here is the potty. They have to use special green sheetrock to help prevent against water damage. Only the tub is in place, but the fixtures have been chosen. We are tiling the floor. Now, it just has to get put together. :0)
If any of you locals have jobs that need done....Brandon does an awesome job. You can check him out here. He hasn't got the pictures loaded to the website yet, but you've already seen step by step stuff here on my blog...and I'll be posting the final pictures when it's all said and done. He tells me we can carpet in two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed!


Amber M. said...

Looks awesome. Can I have a room in your basement, too?

Bonnie B. said...

Woohoo! So close....I love that Kenzee is in most of the pics. And I can tell your basement will be so awesome!

Bridget said...

So exciting. It's looking good. I bet you can't wait!

Alicia said...

That is too cool! My mom is also very excited as this progresses. He does such good work!

Montay said...

Yeah it looks so good I can not wait to Party like Rock Stars down in the Man cave and play some awsome Guitar Hero... said...


and i thought that picture was some torture device! he he

Cameron said...

Lookin good.