Friday, November 21, 2008

An Attitude of Gratitude Day Three

Though I tend to prefer being at home, I LOVE the company of others. I have a bit of an issue with being TOO LOUD. Honestly, I'm kind of weird too. AND...I talk a lot. So, as I'm sure you can guess, I can be a lot to handle. :0) Not everyone is able to handle my Ashlee-ness. I can't say that I blame them from shying away. I tend to wave my freak flag often.

And yet, this last year I have been able to form such wonderful friendships. I went to church with some of these people for over two years, and for the most part the relationships consisted mostly of chats at church and occassionally seeing each other at other events.

And then I moved last year. It had taken SO long to meet people and feel even a small bond with them, and so to realize I was going to have to start all over again was frustrating. What was also frustrating, was that my monthly Girls Night group had fizzled. Most of the ladies had either moved away, or weren't able to come anymore. So, I let it sit for a few months. It was hard. New home, new church family, no outlet of Girls was kind of lonely.

In a desperate attempt to keep my relationships going with the chatty church ladies :0) {Do you like that name? I just made it up} I decided to redo my Girls Night group and add ALL of them to the list of participants. That was 14 months ago and since then, I have not only made so many wonderful NEW friends, but I have been able to keep intact friendships that I have had for years. These are ladies that can handle an Ashlee flag raising ceremony {remember I have a freak flag!}. They know me, but they accept me anyway. And honestly, I am so grateful for their friendship.

One of the most important aspects of life is in the relationships that we share with others. Through friends we not only have someone we are able to bond with, but we have a listening ear, an understanding heart, a built in therapist, and even just someone who can make us laugh. They help us to be better people by giving us the ability to see the world through their eyes and the willingness to give of ourselves unselfishly.

I am a better person because of the relationships I have with these wonderful women. I am so blessed to have each of them in my life and am so grateful for all they do for me. Their support and the kindness they have shown to me mean more than they could ever realize.

So, ladies....thanks. For seeing who I really am, and yet still willing to tolerate me. You rock.

{BTW...if you're not pictured here that doesn't mean you're not on the "YOU ROCK" list. I just don't have a pic of you. :0) }


Holly said...

Wow! I'm flattered(not the picture of me!), but because of your post! Nicely put!

Becky said...

i love that you have a girls night regularly. i'd be right by your side because i tend to ride on the wild side! :)

AmyJ said...

We love you just the way you are! So glad we are friends.