Monday, November 24, 2008

An Attitude of Gratitude Day Five

So, you getting tired of my mush-i-ness yet? :0)

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I tend to forget to just stop and look around me. This usually happens when I am feelings frazzled and overbooked....which is often. But, every now and then I think my brain throws a temper tantrum. You know the kind. You've seen your kid do it, I'm sure. Just picture it....

throwing themselves on the ground, bottom lip out, arms folded across the chest, and THOSE angry eyes. Normally a bit of screaming is involved too. They aren't getting their way so they are going to tell you about how pissed off they are until you either cave or put them in time out. Either way, it has to be dealt with. brain does that...I'm pretty sure. With all of the running around, I am suffocating my ability to see the beauty in everyday life. I'm glad my brain is stubborn and makes me pay attention. Because really....I would seriously be missing out.

Fall is my favorite season and not only is it the most beautiful time of year, it is also the busiest. But if I forgot to stop and look around at the leaves changing color I would miss out on something that brings me such joy. I am so grateful for the beautiful world I live in. I look around and see the miracle that is nature. Flowers, trees, waterfalls, sunsets, and even the veggies in my garden....gorgeous! What a dreary existance I would have without the amazing display that I have been given. I have had the opportunity to spend more time outdoors this last year and have found that nothing is able to relax me more than the quiet of nature. I am forced to stop, and listen, and see.

I am so grateful for the rainbow of colors that is in everything around me. It helps me to keep perspective and to remember that life is about finding beauty in every situation, not about trying to make everything just right. Even a flower that is missing a petal can still offer it's scent and beautiful color to those who notice it. It doesn't matter that it is not perfect. It's still a work of art.


~Virginia~ said...

the attitude of gratitude thing is such a wonderful idea! i should probably look at things from this perspective since the holidays have become something i tolerate rather than enjoy. sigh.

hope you and your family have a wonderful turkey day!

p.s. i've been out of blogger touch for about a week and didn't realize montay was going private. now i can't see her blog anymore. if she's so inclined and you have a minute, can you have her add me? my email address is on my profile.


Montay said...

I added her today and yes I love Fall too! P.S. Thanks for taking our Pictures.. You are the bestest

Sister Sassy said...

I like grateful, but what I really want is to know if you saw Twilight yet??

Sister Sassy said...

Did that sound rude, i didn't mean it to. I'm just super twilight on the brain and that is really about all I can process. Can you say obsessed??

Ashlee said...

Sassy, that was not rude. :0) I have had to avoid any talk of the Twilight movie because I haven't seen it yet. I am DYING. But, I promised to wait until this week to go and see it with my sisters. My patience is wearing thin and I almost broke down and went to see it tonight. Argh! Trust me...I will post after I've watched it. My opinion must be heard! :0)