Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Attitude of Gratitude Day Four

If you have ever read my "About Me" section on the sidebar here, you've seen how cute my children are. In fact, you have probably noticed they are cuter than your kids. I mean...look at them. CUTE! :0) Now, I urge you to continue loving your children the same way, though you have now realized they are not the cutest children in the world any longer.

I'm such a brat. I know...but get ready for more bragging.

My kids are awesome. They have such different personalities and it is so interesting to watch them experience life in their own way. My son is almost nine *gasp* and I swear he gets bigger every day. And not just in size, but in wisdom as well. His teacher told me that she has been impressed with his ability to get others in his classroom involved so that no one is left out. She uses him as a tutor for some of the other kids in his classroom that are struggling with their schoolwork. She said she appreciates that he doesn't judge or make fun of others who may be struggling. As a mom...those are things I have wished for him, but know that ultimately his choices in life are his. I can only guide him and hope that he chooses wisely. I am so grateful that he has compassion for others. His heart is huge and I love that he is so willing to share it with others. Especially me. :0) Even as old as he is getting, he will still come and want to snuggle with me. He likes to spend time in the kitchen with me, have me play the piano with him, and is still willing to sing and get his groove on with me. How did I ever get so lucky as to be blessed with such a wonderful son? Sure, he frustrates me with his stubbornness and doesn't always make the best decisions. But, that's what kids do. They try to figure it life works and what their role is. I am just grateful that I get to be with him on his journey.

And then there is my daughter. Wow. Where do I start? She has been at full speed since she was born. Compared to my fairly mellow son, I was truly not prepared to be so BUSY with her. She started walking at nine months and has never looked back. She has such a passion for life and can't wait to experience every moment. Her independant nature and unique sense of self is reassuring to me that, if continued, she will be able to handle the diversions of life when they come. She is a momma's girl, yet has her daddy wrapped so tightly around her finger all she has to do is ask and he caves. That's quite a skill for a three year old. :0) She wants to know everything, learn everything, and do it all by herself. She lives for the companionship of friends and has never met a kid she couldn't win over. Then again, most adults are taken with her as well. She keeps me young at heart and helps me to remember that the simple things in life are the most important. I think she tells me she loves me at least ten times a day. And every time I remind myself how blessed I am to have two kids with such big hearts.

My favorite job in life is being a mom. No, not the laundry/dishwashing/cleaning/vaccuuming part. But the teaching, guiding, loving, and learning part. What a daunting task we are given as mothers, to raise little ones and try to mold them into respectful, intelligent, independant individuals who are not afraid to have a little personality. :0) The nurturing and care involved can be heart wrenching at times. I hate the discipline part of the job because I would love to just be their friend and play. But I know that my job is more important than simple friendship.

Do you ever wonder if your heart has grown so big with love for your kids that it takes up your entire chest? My kids are such a wonderful part of my life. I know for a fact that life would have been much different without the initial addition of Landon into my life. He gave me purpose and direction. I don't think he will ever know how grateful I am for that. And yes, I tend to boast and brag about what great kids I have, but I consider that to be a part of my job as their mother. I think we are all a bit partial to our own children. That's how it should be. I thank Heavenly Father every day for allowing my heart the ability to grow more than I ever thought was possible. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned FROM my kids and for adding such light and joy to my home. They are my sunshine.


Montay said...

You do have cute kids and you are a great mom!

Becky said...

what a beautiful tribute to your very cute kids. now if only all women felt the same way about motherhood, the world would be a lovely place - wouldn't you say? :)