Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kudos to me!

I'm totally going to brag in this post...just a forewarning. :0)

I am in week 8 out of 9 in this set of classes. These two are the hardest ones in my program, and therefore have been quite challenging. Thankfully, the subject matter has to do with my major and so it interests me. Anyway, as most of you know I am a titch OCD. :0) I like things to be just so. I like schedules and sticking to them. I like knwoing what's going on WELL in advance and don't handle last minute changes well. I also am a bit freakish over my homework assignments. I am a perfectionist in this area. The wording, phrasing, EVERYTHING must be just so. The thesaurus has become my best friend.
Well, I just got back one of my papers from last week and my professor left me a happy little note at the bottom of the grading rubric.

Ashlee, I see in your work a student who should consider graduate school.

OK, so it wasn't like she was chanting my name or anything....but the little pat on the back was so rewarding. The other notes and tidbits she left throughout the paper as well as her praise of my thoughts on the subject matter within the paper didn't hurt either. She said that I offered especially GOOD ADVICE to my mock patients because I offered them a positive outlook and extended hope without passing negative judgments. {Ashlee is beaming}
It hasn't crossed my mind that I just WOULDN'T go to graduate school, but the added bonus of praise from a teacher who has been so nitpicky about my assignments made me so proud of myself. I know, I know....not supposed to be prideful. But poo on that! I'm proud of myself. Juggling school, kids, work, family, and life in general has been quite a challenge for me. There are honestly some days I would really like to just stay in bed because of what was on my to-do list for that day.
So, a pat on the back for me today. I will need it as I am approaching yet another finals week.


Bonnie B. said...

Yay for Ashlee! Hurrah to to! You are awesome.

sweetleslie said...

awesome!! it is rewarding to get complimiants from trachers especially when they are not known to give them often.Way to go! Good luck on your finals!

Miss Chevious said...

don't apologize! that's awesome! congrats!c