Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Google Game

Virginia posted this meme and it looked like fun, so I figured I'd give it a go. Obviously, because I share a name with a celebrity my answers were a bit "different". It did make it fun though.

Here's how you do it: Go to Google. Type in your name + the words in the rest of each category. For example, if your name was Sally, you would type in "Sally looks like" and then see what Google could find for you. Of course, sharing is caring, so I want to see your answers as well! Have fun!

Ashlee looks like:

A Grandma (I knew I felt old....)
A Playmate (I don't know if this is much better!)
She is about to cry....

Ashlee Likes:

Skunks? (Gross!!!)
To shop cheap (doesn't everybody?)
Brit's partying (as opposed to Italians of course....)

Ashlee says:

She's not heavy, she's my sister (meaning Jessica of course. Did you not know we were sisters?)
No to Playboy (see...just because I may look like a playmate does NOT mean I have to pose for playboy)
Yes (I'm not sure to what, but apparently it's not to playboy)

Ashlee wants:

To be forever young (who wouldn't?)
a bigger butt (it's true...mine is just WAY too small...)
marriage and children (whew! I can check that one off the list!)

Ashlee hates:

work (I work for the NO COMMENT)
eating dirt (rocks are so much chewier)
bananas and coffee (kind of random don't you think?)

Ashlee can:

see the future (sh! don't tell!)
read (yes, I've got mad skills!)
dance! (What a feeling!)

Ashlee goes:

dark again (actually, my hair is still the same.....for now)
on a shopping spree (with who's money?)
white trash (I might be a redneck IF.....)

Ashlee is:

Growing by the day (I'm assuming this is a reference to my growth in wisdom and not in weight)
in love (awww.....)
super cute (dang right! And sassy too!)

Ashlee loves:

herself (but not in an egotistical way or anything...)
her baby body (I think I'm being mocked here...)
themed parties and costumes (actually, this is very true)

Ashlee, the:

Cutest gravedigger (should I take this as a compliment?)
streaking sasquatch (I know my feet are kind of big....)
new body for Victoria Secret (even with my big feet)


~Virginia~ said...

cutest gravedigger? well now. :) thanks for playing along! most of my answers were in reference to the state. :)

Shannon said...

That is sooo funny. I loved reading your answers.

AmyJ said...

you don't want to know what mine said.