Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fringe....for the geek in all of us

Did you watch this show? It was SO good. I am going to be glued to my tv set Tuesday nights from now on. If any of you were a fan of the X-files...this show will be right up your alley. Yes, my name is Ashlee, and I was an X-files geek. :0) Not that I really believe that aliens come and abduct people and what not, it was just something different and interesting. You know? And now....they have blessed us with 'Fringe' to feed our fascination with all things wierd. :0)

This show doesn't have to do with aliens. It has to do with psuedoscience {sp?}. You know, like teleportation, mind reading, black matter, etc. Wierd science stuff that can't possibly be real....or can it? :0) The show is about a scientist who has found ways in which these theories can become actualities. Unfortunately, there is a "bad guy" who has the knowledge of these things as well and is using them as part of something "bigger" and more sinister.

The main character is a female {ROCK ON!} and she is attempting to find out "the truth". :0) Plus....Joshua Jackson is in the show too...and he is definitely yummy. :0)

So, check it out. Let me know what you think! The show airs on Fox and they are doing an encore presentation of this first episode on Sunday.


Alicia said...

I may just have to check it out. I was never really into the X-files, but I am always open to new shows.

~Virginia~ said...

i meant to watch this and i totally forgot! mostly i just wanted to see joshua jackson (pacey whitter!!) on TV again! glad to hear it was good! :)

Jane the Sane said...

Well, the commercial didn't interest me but if you really mean it is like X-Files I might check it out. As long as it doesn't interfere with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Buxton Family said...

We have this recorded to watch. We are huge JJ Abrams fans. I'm glad to hear good things about it!