Friday, September 12, 2008

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Last night was crazy fun ladies! Thank you so much for being so willing to be a little adventurous. :0)

As many of you know, I have a monthly girls night group. This month I was in charge and we did a photo scavenger hunt. Not like your typical hunt though. The rules were a bit different. We were split into two groups and each group was given the same categories. All of the members of the group had to be included in the photo except for the one taking the picture and the photographer had to be different for each photograph {that way there would be pictures of everyone in the group at some point}. The categories were vague and up for interpretation, and everyone was told to just be as creative as possible.

What were the categories you ask?

Sharing is Caring

Happy Birthday to you


These are "piggies" :0)


Splish Splash

Music Interpretation



One of these things is not like the other

Do you know your shapes?

Where's Waldo?

An unusual perspective

That's fierce

And then...find a stranger to take your picture and then convince them to pose in a picture with you.

I think everyone did a fabulous job and it was so fun to go and play. It felt like I was in college again. :0) Even more so when after most everyone left and it was 10:45 and the four us left decided to make a run for hair dye. got a little crazy. Montay has never dyed her hair before. NEVER! {feigning shock} So, we got her a Cinnamony color to put on over her brown. Amy had Tess put in blonde highlights. I was going to darken my brown, but because it was later than I was used to for having to think....instead of mixing the activator with the color....I put the conditioner in the activator bottle. my hair is really conditioned now after leaving it in for 25 minutes...but there is no color. Dumb girl. After everyone was almost done....Tess decided to use what was left of Montay's red color and have Montay highlight her hair with it using foil instead of the cap. It was a crazy night people! Montay looks so super sassy hot with her new auburn color. I'm loving it! Amy still looks like Amy...because she's been blonder before. :0) But Amy is that means she is still cute. Tess was no so happy with her outcome as her highlights ended up being more burgundy than red. Thankfully, it was the same kind that I used last month and it will wash out in 28 days. It looks fun and sassy, but I know when it is your hair, it doesn't seem as fun. :0) was another eventful evening for girls night. I live for this night every month. It is my reprieve from being an "old" mom.


Montay said...

Thanks for a night of fun and being young forever!! I do like my hair and so only Rhett noticed he said umm mom your hair is kindof reddish lets turn the lights back off so it will go back to normal.. Silly boy! Tess if your reading this I am sorry it was not what we thought it would be.

Amber M. said...

What a fun idea!

Anonymous said...

So it sounds like it was super fun. Sorry I missed it. Next time i will remember my days.


Becca and Jr said...

Sounds like a blast. You are so creative and full of ideas.

Alicia said...

Fun night, sorry I missed out on the hair coloring, but I am anxious to see all of you guys!

Shannon said...

What a fun idea. I loved the pictures! Looks like you had an awesome time:)

Buxton Family said...

What a fun activity. I so want to do it! Now I just have to make some friends.

Bonnie B. said...

I am so sad I missed it! I looks like so much fun! Maybe next time you could drive to IF and do it again? No? Well, I had to try! I miss you guys!

~Virginia~ said...

that has got to be the coolest idea ever! i'm shamelessly going to steal it. and then forget i stole it. and then never get around to doing it. because i'm lazy. :) love the new blog look, by the way!

AmyJ said...

It was a fun night! Great idea Ashley.