Saturday, September 20, 2008

Uppercase Living

I am in love.

Don't tell my husband. :0)

Long story here.....

One of the blog's I frequent had a post about this fabulous "home party" that she was selling products for. The company is called Uppercase Living and after looking at the photos of what they had to offer, I was sold. COMPLETELY. So, I sent a note to the consultant and told her I wanted to throw a party. But, see.....I'm not the most patient person. And, I found out that a friend of mine was selling the stuff here.....where I live.....

So, I caved and had my friend here do it. {Sorry Katie! You still love me?}

I may have to take out a loan to pay for all of the products that I want. Take a peek.

This one will go in my guest bath upstairs. There is another one that says "Wash your said so" that I am going to put in the kids bathroom downstairs. :0)
This one I am going to put on the wall by my stairwell that I have been frustrated with what I should put there. Pretty huh?
This is why I love this company. It's not just words and fonts and's phrases and shapes and "whoop-do-do's". It's the WHOLE package. And I don't have to think or be creative because they do it for me.
Isn't this adorable? I have so many Christmas gifts now completely taken care of!
They have girl stuff....and boy stuff....holy cow. I'm like a kid in a candy store. I want IT ALL! :0)
How about you? You interested?
I thought so. :0)
Go here and you can look through the ENTIRE catalog. And...ummm....Sara is totally set up to take Visa. Not that you would need to use yours or anything.....
Her email address is on her can just email your order to her.
And because you love me so much....could you put my name in the email? I love free stuff....and I would totally get some that way. :0) Oh....and I love you too. :0)


Holly said...

I am going to buy a "welcome" sign to put on my front door! I love it as well!

~Virginia~ said...

i saw this on katie's site--and loved it! unfortunately, i don't have anywhere to put it. sigh.

Bonnie B. said...

there is so much cute stuff ! i love it! said...

ooohhhh!! so cool!! thanks for sharing, beany :)