Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Noodle Mania!

So, I finally made use of the pasta machine I got for Christmas (thanks again Holly!)

Tonight was spaghetti and meatball night, so I figured I'd make some homemade noodles. Honestly, it was a lot easier than I figured it would be. The dough whipped up quickly, and the kids had so much fun helping me run it through the machine.

See? Happiness! Actually, they fought over who got to turn the crank next. Sigh. We all came to a nice happy agreement that Landon would turn it, and Kenzee would help me pull out the dough. Worked out great and both kids were happy. Whew! :0)
These are my uncooked noodles. As you can tell with the top noodles...Kenzee got a little carried away with the flour. :0) These are wheat noodles people....those noodles are white. Silly girl.
And.....tah dah! The finished product! Man, do these noodles get big!
They were sooo yummy too! And now..I want homemade noodles EVERY time. So, if you have a great pasta dough recipe for me can you pretty please pass it on? They sell great flavored pastas at the store, I'd love to make some at home. Garlic fettucinne...mmmm.... night in the kitchen! We'll have to do this more often!


Alicia said...

Yum, that makes me want to make some homemade pasta again. I haven't used my machine for a while. My favorite is lasagna with homemade noodles. To die for!

Bonnie B. said...

Looks delish! I would love to get a pasta attatchment for my kitchen aid. I love homemade noodles for chicken noodle soup!

Bridget said...

That looks so yummy! Can I come over for dinner??

Sister Sassy said...

FUn fun! Ashlee- you totally need to experiment and come up with your own. What would happen if you made a weird pasta, like apple or chocolate and put a creamy sweet frosting sauce on top?

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Sassy = dork!

How long did it take to make them?

Ashlee said...

The dough take about 5 minutes or so to make, but you have to let it sit for about 20 minutes before you run it through your machine. To cook it only take about 5 minutes or so as well because they are already soft. So, around 30 minutes.
And Sassy....I don't think you are a dork. I've actually been trying to think of a way to make a yummy chocolate noodle. Put some ice cream on top with some hot fudge and that would make a devilishly good dessert. :0)

Sister Honey Bunch said...

If you can find a way to do that, I will fly Sassy out to eat it with you!

Sister Sassy said...

I'm there. Honey is just sad she didn't think of chocolate pasta