Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Movie Flashback!

So, much to Jaysen's frustration I have been on a flashback tour of some of my old favorite movies. With the writers strike going on...there's nothing on tv, and so in the evenings I find myself trying to find things to do (besides the things I SHOULD be doing. There are always PLENTY of things to do, but I take the evenings off. Seriously, you should try it!) Anyway, Netflix has been shipping us some great 80s movies lately. I've been filling my queue with some great movie memories. So, I thought I would share some of my favorites with you for your viewing enjoyment.

16 Candles
Adventures in Babysitting
Back to the Future (Great Scott!)
Breakfast Club
The Burbs
Dead Poets Society
Desperately Seeking Susan

Dirty Dancing
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
E.T. (ET phone home!)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Bueller, Bueller...)
Field of Dreams (if you build it, they will come)
Flashdance (what a feeling!)
Flight of the Navigator
Ghostbusters (Who you gonna call?)

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Howard the Duck (I know, I know...but I loved it back then!)
Indiana Jones (any of them!)
Karate Kid
Labyrinth (just rewatched this one and it wasn't as good as I remembered it to be. Sigh)
Land Before Time
Lean on Me
Legend of Billy Jean
Man with One Red Shoe
Never Ending Story
Police Academy (Freeze Dirt Bag!)
Pretty in Pink
Princess Bride (As you wish)
Rain Man (K-mart sucks)
Return to Oz
Romancing the Stone
Short Circuit (#5 is alive!)
St. Elmo's Fire
Stand by Me
Star Wars (Use the force Luke!)
Top Gun
Troop Beverly Hills
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Am I missing your favorite? Let me know!


Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I just introduced my kids to the Never Ending Story.

Somehow, it wasn't quite the same as when I was 10.

PLEASE, writers, come back to us. Save me from myself.

Sister Sassy said...

Maybe I can watch movies with you while my kids play in your new basement.

I love Legend, One Crazy Summer, Better Off Dead, Space Camp, A Far off Place (more recent but GREAT movie), Who's that Girl (i liked it then, probably not much now.

Ever See Welcome to the Doll House, also not 80s but still classic in my book. WEINER DOG!

Bridget said...

Mannequin.....that is such a classic 80's flick. I had totally forgotten about that one although I think I had since it like five times.

One benefit of the writers strike, I am reading a lot more (books and blogs included)

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Yes, Mannequin!

I could watch Baby Boom over and over and over. It's always on TBS and I watch it every time.

Cocktail, even though I can't stand Tom Cruise right now.

Heathers (was that 80s?)

Inner Space

Ashlee said...

Stie: I got Never Ending Story for my son a few years back...he isn't as into it as I was. So sad for me. :0(

Sister Sassy: Come over any time! I forgot about Legend. I loved Legend. Tom Cruise was in that one too. Never saw Welcome to the Doll House, I'll add it to my Netflix list!

Sister Honey Bunch: Heathers was totally 80s!

Sister Sassy said...

Ok,I drove my sister crazy renting Legend over and over again lol!

I thought Heathers was 90's- I wanted to marry Christian slater. I LOVED Pump Up the Volume. That was my first introduction to Fighting the Man.

i'm kelly said...

you've listed soooo many of my favorites here. i was just telling my sister about adventures in baby sitting. lathough you did miss one of favorites, so it seems. i may have missed it, but i have always loved the cutting edge!

Alicia said...

Those brought back some very fun memories, I have to say 16 candles is one of my favorites. I know the writer's strike is driving me crazy, I should look into getting some of these from Good Tip!

Bonnie B. said...

Sigh...I miss the good old days. I haven't seen some of the movies you listed, but I have seen most of them. Brings back some good memories!

Montay said...

Woah oldies but goodies how funny... You missed my favorite Pretty Woman Oh well man you have alot of fans 10 comments go ashlee