Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sew Simple!

Whoever made that phrase up really doesn't know anything! I am attempting to learn to sew. My very patient mother is teaching me. Together we found a "Fast and Easy" pattern of a cute jumper and matching hat for Mackenzee and bought the fabric and everything necessary to make it. She showed me how to cut out the pattern using the instructions and I KNEW I could do that part by myself.

Little side note here: Buy GOOD scissors! If you don't have ultra sharp, good cut crooked. Which makes it hard to sew a straight line later on. Just so you know!

So, I cut the pattern out and had my mom come over yesterday to help me sew this EASY dress together. Several hours later, it's still not done. Sewing is NOT easy. It's not horrible. It will just take practice like anything else does. And I'm not giving up. There are too many cute things you can make out there! But, it's not what I was expecting. And it's kind of stressful when you know the stitch line will be showing for the world to see and you know you can't sew a straight line yet to save your life!
It will get better. And I WILL finish the dress by Christmas. All that's left is the hem line and edge work around the neck and arm holes. Just the hardest part. ;0) Not so sure about the matching hat, though I do have it all cut out. We'll just have to see how it goes.
Wish me luck!


kelly said...

i am "sew" impressed. i like to sew, but i'm not really that good. i'm pretty much self taught, unless you count home ec in 7th greade. but i can't read a pattern to save my life. i've tried and tried, but patterns NEVER work for me.