Monday, November 19, 2007

Why Blog?

I'm sure some of you think I'm crazy. Three blogs? Does she have no life? Shouldn't she be doing something better with her time?
And the answers are as life is very busy. Not for things pertaining specifically to me, but to my kids and hubby and church, etc. I'm always busy. Sometimes a little bit too much.
And sure, I could be doing the dishes instead of blogging. Or vacuuming. That would be responsible.
The thing is...blogging is something that I get to do for ME. I get to speak and have people....well at least a couple of you!....listen! Even if all I'm talking about it dumb stuff. The random things that pop into my head. Kids don't get that, and Jaysen sure doesn't want to hear me blather on about some of these things, just like I get bored listening to him talk about golf. ;0)
So, I blog! I get to tell you all about the cute things my kids did today. Or if I'm annoyed about something. Or about my new favorite song. Or even about this new recipe I found that is too yummy not to pass on. It's like having a little chit chat with friends, except that I get to do it in my pajamas drinking hot chocolate. What could be better?
The best part is when friends and family....leave me little comments to let me know what you think. It's like an actual conversation. We've shared a moment. ;0) So, if you're not leaving me comments...what's wrong with you? Do you not have anything to say to me? LOL
So, there you have it. This is why I blog. For sanity. For sanity in my world of soccer, gymnastics, piano lessons, Primary and PTA.
The End.


Buxton Family said...

Thanks for the coutner link. The girls like it! Where do you find these fun things to add to your blog?

Ashlee said...

I find them on other people's blogs while blog-browsing. ;0) I have become addicted! Not that you probably couldn't tell!