Monday, November 26, 2007

Hairspray I saw this movie over the Thanksgiving holiday and honestly...I wasn't that impressed. I love musicals....if they have catchy songs with catchy lyrics. Moulin Rouge comes to mind. (One of my favorites) Anyway...I probably could have gotten past this but I was appalled at the use of all of the little inuendos that were thrown into the movie. I have seen the original, though it has seriously been some years. So I don't remember if these inuendos were in the first movie or if they were added in just for us now, but nonetheless....half of them weren't even necessary. Their singing songs and in the middle of it throw in, "Looks like you could use a stiff one!" I realize the movie is called Hairspray...which makes hair stiff....but you get what I'm pointing out here right? It's not necessary. The movie could have just been a warm fuzzy movie about the changing times then with integration, and about not conforming to people's ideas of the "right" way to look. I'm assuming that was the message they were trying to get across. ;0)
It wasn't horrible....but I did find myself disappointed. I do love the last song they sing in the movie..."You Can't Stop the Beat". It's catchy. ;0)