Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Let It Snow?

We got our first "official" snow last night. It wasn't much, but snow did fall from the sky and it's frozen to my car as we speak. (Still not able to park in the garage due to the hoardes of unopened boxes in there.)
Honestly, I'm not a big fan of snow. I know we need it for the moisture and all. But if God could just let it strategically fall onto the fields for the farmers and even up on the mountains...that would be perfect! Not on the roads please! I hate driving in the snow. It's miserable. I drive like an old lady with white knuckles on the steering wheel. It's not my driving I'm concerned's all the other lunatics out there in their SUVs who think that because their car is massive and they have 4 wheel drive that they can still drive fast. Now, don't get me wrong....we own an SUV. We're just not lunatics. ;0) 4 wheel drive does not creat a protective bubble around your vehicle. And what's worse, the bigger the SUV seems to get, the crazier the driver seems to be. (No offense are not one of these I am speaking about!) So, they drive fast, crash into another car.....and because they are driving their massive cars they crush those they crash into. Their SUV retains minimal damage, but those of us driving safely....have to go without our cars because we were ran over by a Hummer. Sigh.
On the bright side here....the kids were truly excited about the snowfall last night and were hoping for more so that they could build a snowman today. So, they were highly disappointed this morning to see that there was nothing out there for them. I think if I was actually able to pick up each individual piece of snow on the grass in my backyard I could make ONE snowball. And not a very big one. ;0)
So, do you think we'll have a white Christmas? At the rate we're going it's not very likely. And though I's honestly not Christmas without snow. Big fluffy white snow. After Christmas it can all melt....


Cameron said...

I Love Snow.

I love it.

The more of it the better.

I Love Snow.

The End.

Buxton Family said...

It was 82 degrees here today!