Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let the chaos begin!

May the HORSE be with you
Morningside Mustangs 2009

I put this on a white tshirt for my son for his last day of school today. His elementary school's mascot is the mustangs and he is obsessed with Lego Star Wars, so I found this quite fitting for him. I sent him off armed with a fabric marker so that all of his friends could sign his shirt.

What does the last day of school mean? It means summer vacation officially has begun. It means my baby is in the 4th grade now. It means......keeping a nine year old entertained for the next three months. I've tried to keep it pretty low key, but after filling in the calendar it seems like I wasn't quite able to pull that off. Go figure. Between swimming lessons for both kids, dance and tumbling for the daughter, basketball camp for the son, golf clinics for the son, and I'm still in school myself.....not to mention that the hubby is going to be gone for part of the summer taking his own set of courses at various locations. I feel tired already......


Miss Chevious said...

i'm going to have to pick your brain on your former little 3rd grader! :) any hints for a new 3rd grade teacher from a parent's perspective?

Ashlee said...

My son's teacher was a big believer in having the class help each other. Those who knew the subject well would sit next to those who might not do as well and they could work on an assignment together. This prevented some from finishing too early and disrupting the class and others from getting discouraged because they couldn't figure it out. It was really good for my son and we didn't have nearly as many disciplinary problems this year as we have in the past.
I have no worries about your teaching abilities. You seem to be rather creative on your own. :0)