Monday, March 30, 2009


I bought some seeds. I'm going to grow this year. I had to get the proper tools first. Good soil. Read the instructions. Soak soil in water, put seed on top, do not cover with soil. Mist with more water daily. Keep in well lit area. Keep it warm.
The first sprouts came quickly. Though I added a misting of water daily, the soil began to dry. I added a second misting of water each day. It was no use, the sprouts died almost as quickly as they had grown. The soil was not up to par.
I was told to mist.
The instructions said to mist.
The instructions were wrong.

Added cupfulls of water to the soil. Waited patiently and kept the soil in the warmth of the sunlight shining in the windowsill.
Weeks later the newer, stronger sprouts appeared. Carrots, cucumbers, green onions and tomatoes.....growing. Healthy. Strong.
They grow visibly taller from morning to evening.

Drinking cupfulls of water.

Perhaps the instructions aren't always correct. A misting cannot grow something that requires cupfulls. We cannot always assume that the generalized ideas can instruct every seed in every environment.

I am a gardener. I have planted seeds. Sometimes I feel like all I can offer is mist. Will the days that I am able to pour cupfulls of water on my seeds make up for the days I cannot offer more? What if my soil dries up? If my seeds sprout will I be able to keep them growing? Am I offering enough warmth and sunlight?

Do you ever wonder who is going to pour cupfulls on you? I've read the instructions, but sometimes I think I'm only getting misted and my soil NEEDS MORE if I'm going to keep my sprouts growing. My soil is drying up. I'm thirsty.

I can't find a glass of water.


Anonymous said...

This is very profound Ashlee. Such deep thoughts. Now I think I may need some water to help me grow...

~Virginia~ said...

i'm in definite need of some cupfuls...misting simply will not do. very insightful!

Momma Mary said...

WOW!! I feel ya!! Hope you find someone to dump a cup of water on you soon!! <3