Saturday, February 14, 2009


I think I need to join a 12 step program.

This is me. At least it's the back of my head. My son snapped this picture of me. Perhaps he was trying to help me to see how bad I have really gotten. My head is hanging out the window, my hand is gripping the steering wheel in anticipation.....I can't seem to help myself.
Sonic is my ultimate drink stop. Here they create the BEST cranberry limeades I have ever had. {Ok, so this is the only place I've had a cranberry limeade...but still!} The lady at the drive through window has come to expect me at least four times a week now. If I'm going to work....I need a drink. After my daughter's dance class.....I need a drink. On my way back from the grocery store....I need a drink. It doesn't help that I pass by Sonic almost every time I leave the house. One is conveniently located less than 2 miles from my house. There is another one on the main strip in town.
What is even more sad is that I have contaminated my children too. My daughter begs for pink sprite all the time. My son....he wants an ocean water. Even the hubby craves their yummy deliciousness and grabs a grape limeade. And seriously....half price drinks between 2 and 4 pm! Can't beat that!
You should go try one. You won't regret it.
I'll see you at the Sonic Drinkers Anonymous meeting.
Until can find me at the drive through window.


Buxton Family said...

We love Sonic's happy hour limeades also. Too bad for us it isn't close to our house anymore .

Shannon said...

you gotta love their drinks! I'm addicted too:)

Montay said...

You do need a 12 step that is too funny!!